A fond farewell to a friend    2005-11-04 14:44:50 ET
Goodbye Chris. You will be missed across the seas.
I'm sad we never got to meet. Maybe in another place and time..
Rest well, Christopher Muzykant.

 Good news everyone!    2005-10-28 14:15:17 ET
Though only in 2008...

Speaking of which, I hope you all know who to vote for:

So, school starts on Sunday. Weee. Or something.
Tomorrow I go visit Jerusalem for Maayan's birfday bash, fun and joy and happy.

Started running again, which is good.

Been watching a lot of tely lately on the projector.

I've finished watching LOST (first season + 5ep from season 2). Damn them all to hell.
Also finished FIREFLY (which I watched in preparation for the movie, which I hear is good). It took the place of DR. WHO (until they bugger with the new season) for fun, mindless, science fiction entertainment.
BLACK BOOKS is an amusing British comedy, worth the download. So is ABSOLUTE POWER.
LITTLE BRITTAIN has it's moments, but isn't overall that great, while old episodes of THE YOUNG ONES still brought me (practically) to tears.
WONDERFALLS is kindof the more amusing MY SO CALLED LIFE, it's a shame it didn't last.
CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is kindof boring.
Still waiting for the whole season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, because it seems to be more in-line with LOST than with FIREFLY.
4400 season 2 was rather disappointing (except that episode, you know the one). I watched the 1st ep of TAKEN, so I can see where the inspiration is from (that, and some JMS comics).
Finally finished downloading I, CLAUDIUS. I need to gather a weekend and watch it in it's entirety.
Still haven't been successful in locating Dennis Potter's KARAOKE and COLD LAZARUS. Bittorrent disappoints me!
Started watching DEADWOOD. I need to turn the subtitles on for this one, but it's very well performed.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and DEAD LIKE ME are still queued, any other quality TV I should be watching?

This is quite amusing.

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 Haha this rocks    2005-10-26 10:24:17 ET

I'm totally accepting Jesus as my savior and stuff.

I kept having The Horde flashbacks when seeing Kirk Cameron, lol.

:: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Glimpse At The Good Life ::

 I IS HOME, BIOTCHES.    2005-10-07 05:03:34 ET
Yes, the prodigal son returns!

I'm so disoriented!

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 You can sit 'ere, govnah    2005-10-02 12:58:30 ET
London is so funny. The tube doubly so.

I buy more comics than I will ever read, it is such an addiction, omg.
I managed to spend over 20 quid on stuff, without finding a single thing I was actually looking for. That's it. from now on, eBay only.
At least that limits it to stuff I pureposefully look for.

Other than that, Alls ist krieg. Spending time with my sis and with Daphne is 100% awesome. Brighton is so tre cool, omg, it makes London seem so lame and old and wicked in comparison.

My Mastercard expired so I had to loan money from my sis. It's no big deal, it's just one of those unexpected annoyances of life..
Like my cellphone dying yesterday too. Yes. I felt so helpless without it, Daphne loaned me hers. Is that not the mark of true love?? :]

I guess I should txt my boss and tell him I'm still in London. he's probably expecting a call from me tomorrow to come to work or something. Eek..!
Maybe I can silence him with a copy of Frank Miller/Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra: Assassin (these British bastards still have it in print). It remains to be seen.
Work seems so far away, but I guess I'll have to kick right in the second I land to make up for lost time.

I also have various school stuff still waiting, and the stupid bidding system that Tel-Aviv University employs has left me with some empty slots in my schedule. That is hersey, and must be remedied.

Bedtime, children.

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