Tesco is a perfectly good name for Britain    2005-09-28 14:05:14 ET


 fuckin' aye    2005-09-19 06:55:08 ET
In Dublin right now, jsut checking in, really.

Still alive, drinking, havin a proper good time :>

The next days I gotta finish (I hope) my university registration, then we're off on various tours of Ireland. s'gonna be brilliant, if this weather lasts.


 Sweetest perfection    2005-09-09 10:30:22 ET
Man, I'm having a blast.

I have some lewd pictures of me embarrasing myself on psychedelic drugs, but they're not for here, and anyway, there's no USB in this internet station.

It's been awesome, just laying back, enjoying myself, taking some time off with old friends...

It's good. It's just good.

:: Something. I think it's Johnny Cash.::

 Oi oi oi    2005-09-06 00:31:46 ET
In Amsterdam.
Stoned als een garnaal.

Here's lookin' at ye, kid


:: Listening to: Weird Dutch music in the lobby ::

 Trippin'    2005-09-03 13:15:16 ET
Eurotrip Summer 2005 tour extravaganza w00t w00t

5th Sep - 10th : Amsterdam. Meet up oldskool mates from Jerusalem woh live in NYC now. Stoned als een garnaal.

10th Sep - 17th : Berlin. I have no idea. Meet some raggacore djs and drink beer I suppose.

17th Sep - 27th : Dublin. Tour around Ireland. Drink more beer.

27th Sep - 2nd Oct: London. Meet sister and her hubby. Go down to Brighton and meet Daphna. Buy shit.

2nd Oct - : Home.

Been tryin to work on my schedule for next year, god it sucks so bad. All the stuff I want are on the same bleeding hours, it sucks that you pay so much tuition and spend so much time and effort and at the end you don't get to learn what you really want to study. UNI IS TEH SUCK. Or maybe it's jsut TAU, because they're practically bankrupt. Crud.

Anyway, mui excited and stuff. Tummy goes wooooo.

I'm having a weird deja vu for this trip with 2 years ago, before my North American tour de jour. Those who know, know why.

Anyway, fragit, I'm aight, bitches.

:: Listening to: Placebo - English Summer Rain ::


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