shit    2005-04-14 11:03:00 ET
You know that 'shiiiiiiiiiiit' you feel when you accidently don't wake up for work?

It's like, there's nothing you can do about your situation, you weren't even conscious at the time, but still, I hate being late for work when I'm the one who's supposed to open up.


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 XX chromosomes are the mark of the fucking devil    2005-04-09 09:36:19 ET
okay, I exagerate.

A bit.

I'm a big boy, I'll live, but this is such fucking bullshit.
It takes me ages to find someone I fancy, and then they all just want to be my friend.
Fuck this.



 The insomniac strikes back    2005-04-05 16:55:32 ET




 Hmmm    2005-03-28 13:38:48 ET
So yeah, I met a girl

not much to tell really, like 10 minutes before I left I was at the tekno floor of the rave, saw some girl with a familiar face, so I went up to her and started talking a bit of small talk, and when I left I asked if I could call her, thassit..

She didn't answer my calls yesterday and saturday, so I pretty much gave up on her, but then she called me today, so it's all good I guess.

Despite her innate coolness, apparent intelligence and overwhelming
sexiness, I forsee 2 problems:

1) She lives in nowheresfuck.
2) She's young enough to be my daughter.

I'm gonna try and keep an open mind though.
I've been with girls from far away, and I've been with girls younger than me (albeit, not this young, but who knows? maybe she's real mature. Or maybe I'm real immature. Weird, considering most of my latest hold-ups have been on girls my age or older. How refreshing :O
Before any of you start a riot, she's legal).

So, anyway, I'm not passing judgment yet.

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 partywhoring    2005-03-28 12:48:29 ET
Look at me and my beer and shiny thing!!

So much stuff is going on, but I really don't know how to articulate it.
I'm not sure it's interesting when it's in words.
I'm kindof weirdly excited with things and happenings and stuff.

Okay, this post makes no sense.

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