Gonzo Journalism    2005-02-22 07:17:27 ET
So, new semester's got me smiling. Up till now, it's all been pretty awesome stuff. Well, I could live without Statistics, but it's less-not-interesting, more-comprehensible stuff.
First lesson today in Psychological Physiology 2 started with Mind/Body Theory I studied last semester in Metaphysics. It's cool when all your subjects inter-relate, and you get a broader view of all the issues at hand.


Sunday is my birthday, bitches.

I'll be 24, and for now, I don't even feel particularly displeased with it. *gasp* could I be feeling somewhat... Happy? :O

Well, this can't last. ;)

I've even met someone nice, but I'm sortof getting the feeling maybe she was just into a one-nighter, but we'll see where it goes. Not like I'm in love or anything (Heaven forbid), but she's cool to hang out with anyway.

Also, got a haircut, hence, the camwhoredom:

btw, this track fucking r0x
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 note to self    2005-02-19 09:58:33 ET
redbull is not a substitute for sleep.

New semester start tomorrow.

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 Midterms still ruining my life // nothing else is new    2005-02-13 11:30:06 ET
New England / Billy Bragg

I was twenty one years when I wrote this song
I'm twenty two now, but I won't be for long
People ask when will you grow up to be a man
But all the girls I loved at school
are already pushing prams

I loved you then as I love you still
Tho I put you on a pedestal,
They put you on the pill
I don't feel bad about letting you go
I just feel sad about letting you know

I don't want to change the world
I'm not looking for a new England
I'm just looking for another girl
I don't want to change the world
I'm not looking for a new England
I'm just looking for another girl

I loved the words you wrote to me
But that was bloody yesterday
I can't survive on what you send
Every time you need a friend

I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them but they were only satellites
Is it wrong to wish on space hardware
I wish, I wish, I wish you'd care

I don't want to change the world
I'm not looking for a new England
I'm just looking for another girl

This song has been on repeat for a few days now..
What's up with that?

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 kitty love and BBSs    2005-02-05 08:53:11 ET
(x-posted on lj)

It's about time I show them, so here they are, in all their glory.


Redhead hiding behind a bonzai tree.

The ever-adventurous gray.

Cats are still nameless. Since they are essentially my flatmate's cats, I'm staying out of it.

In other news,
My flatmate has just installed us a new messageboard, where we can post notes for eachother.
Only, this memo board will have a newsfeed ticker when it's done.

Look, it's Windows 3.11! \m/

Made from old laptop parts. Yes, this is so pointless, and so fucking cool.

Also, the best car ever, snatched off the William Gibson blog.

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 Dancing like a monkey    2005-01-30 10:27:56 ET

Why didn't anyone tell me I have such long arms??

Pic taken from the drum n' breakz party friday night.
Good fun.

I simply must force myself to get off the fucking internet and start studying.
It's harder than it seems.

Anyone by chance can explain to me the fallacy of epistemic determinism? ktnx.

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