In the dust that was a city    2005-01-23 11:11:26 ET
Thank fuck, I'm over with statistics..! Wee!

Now I only have about a dozen other exams..! Yay!

But also....

Some FREE TIME!!!!!

I think I need to tidy my room and apartment a bit, catch up with some friends, and that'll pretty much settle all this 'free time'.

And now for something completely different:

by far the best trolling ever:


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 waw waw wa    2005-01-19 14:05:02 ET
1 Semester down, 5 (at least..) to go.

Contrary to common conception, midterms do, in fact, suck.

In other news, I now have 2 cats.

Both my sisters are in London, and I'm here studying for my statistics exam.

When is the winter over already? :/

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 I am Legion    2005-01-05 03:09:08 ET
Semester's ending on the 21st.
I have my statistics exam on the 23rd.
Please shoot me now.

This semester has passed so godamn quickly it's amazing.
I've been dozing off at school and not showing up to all my classes lately.. I'm a very bad boi.
I need to get myself back on track before exam time. Blech.

In other news, it's raining cats and dogs (and baby seals too).

I'm so tired all the time. Maybe I got mono ;)

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 New Years Blast    2005-01-02 13:49:05 ET
I have no idea what went down friday night.
I think I was intoxicated.
I think I hung out with Krankie.
I think we rave-hopped throughout Tel-Aviv's underground scene.
I think I went home 10:00 in the morning or so, veins pumping with redbull - will strong, body weak.

Time to die.

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 XXX MASSIVE    2004-12-22 04:26:53 ET
Happy holidays to all you cosmopolitical types!

Sadly, I have no such vacation. School's still up n' about, and so am I.

Awright, back to work. Nothing more to see here.

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