sick as fuck    2004-12-04 13:43:50 ET
Ah well, another weekend mad drunkeness galore.
Got drunk, went to a party with Noa and Rotem.
The rest is a blur.
Techno makes me boogie.

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 My new pal    2004-11-27 10:30:27 ET


 I proved I'm a brain in a vat and all i got was this lousy t-shirt    2004-11-21 10:27:52 ET
parties, school, school, parties.

this seems to expain a lot of my professors. To the best of their inability.
In other news, I'm compketely exhausted, I need a vacation, and no vacation is anywhere in the horizon. :/

*le sigh*

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 Woozoombooooho    2004-11-08 07:45:29 ET
Today I was brought back to the realm of the living (i.e. woken up) by some lady having a nervous breakdown or something in the street. She was yelling at these Contractor's workers for hours and hours, random passerbyers too I think.
I wonder how that ended.

Anyway, another day in University.
Today in Statistics we learned to beat the odds of a Roulette, and the Monty Haul trick.
In Metaphysics we learned that those of us who believe in God have reason to believe anything outside of them exists, and those who don't may very well be living in a simulation.

Yay! I feel so educated.

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 Tales of Human Waste    2004-10-28 10:58:53 ET
Well, what can I say;
School doesn't suck,
It's just really time-consuming.
When I'm not at Uni slaving away at the books, I whore out more hours at the comicstore to pay the bills.
What little semblance of a social life I had has turned into a confusing mushy papier-mashe-sculpture of weirdness, drama, apathy and empathy.
Somedays I dunno what the fuck, the next I don't care what the fuck.

And if you think this post was confusing, take a look at the cats in front of my house:

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