badger badger badger    2004-09-28 23:20:31 ET

 This week    2004-09-24 11:01:19 ET
I was drunk !


gmar hatima tova to all you jewXcore folks
go easy on the fasting ;)

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 Dirge    2004-09-02 01:49:30 ET
So I've been a month in the little-big city of Tel-Aviv, and frankly, not much has changed.
Same getting drunk wednesdays, same weekend madness, same empty feeling inside.
Louder music on my stereo though ;-)

Someone sent me a picture of me taken at a club, where I'm all-into-the-music or drunk or something, which some dude put on a kiddie metal forum, and marked himself in the background..
I donno why, but it's a funny pic:

Other than that, the bidding for my schoolyear schedule starts in a week, feelin' kinda anxious..

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 ARGH.    2004-08-17 10:26:58 ET
There are simply those days, where everything and everybody just fucking piss you off.
And it's their fault.

 Freaks of the Heartland    2004-08-04 23:50:13 ET
Aww man my head is spinning again. :P
Last night i went out to the monthly CHEESE party at the otherwise-dark-80's line. As per my usual stance at such events (and a lot of others too), I sat outside all night and drank substantial quantities of a myriad assortment of alcoholic beverages instead of going inside.
There was much fun in the air, I met Maya (welcome home girl!), some girls from my army unit who I haven't seen in 2 years and were both supposed to be abroad, and someone bought me a sandwich.

All n' all, a good night.

BTW, is the best site ever.

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