So...    2004-08-01 13:04:15 ET
I said goodbye to my sister and her husband. They're taking a flight tomorrow morning, and leavin Israel for two years.
London ain't waiting up for me..

Though Tel Aviv is okay, up till now :D

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 Moving time    2004-07-31 06:05:14 ET
I don't wanna mumble about parties and such again.. It's tedious to keep posting 'yeah I was at a cool underground techno/dnb rave yesterday'. Heh, see, I did it again.

Anyway, so today I've been packing my shite, and hopefully I'll finish moving most of my stuff to my new apartment today.


I dunno if I should be excitedor not..well..anyway.. S'gonna be cool..

I don't think there's room in the car for all my garbage.

 Good news everyone!    2004-07-18 11:32:23 ET
I'm moving to Tel Aviv in two weeks :-)

To my ever-evasive bud Tal's place, I got a medium-sized room, with access to a big veranda, air conditioning, a HUGE living room, fully-functional (and big enough) kitchen, computer work-space, free internet (as long as Tal stays in his current work place), and I can even afford this(!)
I'm also getting a bunch of furniture and shit from my sister, since she's moving to London in two weeks (Im' leechin' off her movers to take stuff to my new place)


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 just in case u thought things get easier later on in life..    2004-07-11 04:20:35 ET
apartment hunting sucks balls.

that is all.

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 ahhh    2004-07-03 06:42:19 ET
I ate so much food right now, I look like I'm hiding a watermellon under my shirt.

Yesterday I was at a fucked up party in some underground tunnel in Jerusalem. As Noa put it, it looked like we're in the clip for Prodigy's Firestarter.

Mannn, I'm so wasted these past weeks.. eep.

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