:O    2004-04-01 09:47:40 ET
Got my test results back.

I'm pregnant.

Okay, no, it's just april 1st, but guess what?

I'm over with the stupid fucking psychometric exam, weeeeeeeee!

I also stopped by the comics store after I was done, and they want me to start wednesday, weeeeeeee!

My parents are flying to Cuba, and I'll be home alone, weeeeeeeeee!

hmm.. I'm probably gonna move soon to tel aviv, weeeeeeeeee!

Okay, that's enough cheerfulness.

Just one last thing... When it rains, it pours. Hell yeah. To bad it's all crumby acid rain, but at least it's nice to get wet again.. Okay, you go the metaphor. nm.

:: Listening to: Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes ::

 noizenoizenoize    2004-03-26 08:10:17 ET
Yesterday was weird.
Today will be weirder.

I remember the days of peace and predictability. Ho well.

There's a family gathering at my place tonight. There's gonna be home videos. I'm gonna want to die.

And for all u bitchez, my sister made sushi. If there's anything left I'll let you know.

Thank god I'll have the azimut / drum n' bass to get obscenely drunk and forget all of this.

P.S. My life will be changing drastically in the near future.

:: Listening to: Cylob - Cut the midrange drop the bass ::

 World of Bizzare    2004-03-21 03:07:19 ET
This weekend was really fucked up.

Thursday I went out to weird-inudstrial-experimental act at this shitty club which looked like a communist underground club in eastern Europe.

Friday I went to hear Meirav's set (which was excellent). I got fairly drunk, and some girl tried to rape me in the bathroom, after pulling some jedi mind tricks on me.
Then I ate meat in the morning.

Saturday I was taken to a dyke bar (don't ask). Some fruity colourful hippie chick came on to me. She was scary. She told me I looked like Boy George ((!#@)(@#?), and meant it as a compliment. She also told me Pisces are the best in bed. :O
Then the DJ played WHAM! and I died.

(and then on the way to get something to eat Asaf mentioned someone we know lives nearby, so we screamed outside her window, went up for a smoke, and left just as quickly).

(then we ate sandwiches).

How Bizzare.

:: Listening to: Franz Ferdinand - The Dark Of The Matinee ::


 :(    2004-03-16 15:25:27 ET
This day started out so great, how did it all turn to shite? :(

I'm gonna go lie under the shower hose for a bit I think.

:: Listening to: Synergy - World of Bassline ::

 Like a bridge over troubled water    2004-03-12 17:46:04 ET
I will lay me down.

(to sleep).

(these party/study/party/study weeks are killing me)

:: Listening to: Chikinki - Assassinator 13 ::

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