hip hop hooray    2004-03-09 14:34:48 ET
Just came back from a hip hop party. I generally despise hip hop, but it was kinda fun. Cypress Hill and stuff.
And there was beer and weed and pizza too.

That is all.

Note to self: Stop drinking.

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 ahhhhhhh    2004-03-07 18:00:01 ET
I'm suffering from severe head-explody.

 bloop    2004-03-05 20:17:25 ET
thanks everybody, I hate the drama so I killed the previous post.

I'm quite drunk now, so that's okay.

 Post-Birthday Post    2004-02-29 14:29:15 ET
I am dead. Well, 23, not dead.
Anyway, thanks everybody for a terrific weekend bash, <3 <3 <3 you all !

Thursday at the Atari Ball was so awesome I can't remember a thing!

Friday's clubhopping extravaganza, finishing off with mornin' drum n' bass action ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay, so I had fun y'all, you knew you could make me, and you succeeded.

Aight, back to work.

:: Listening to: Lodger - I Love Death ::

 The Mirth of a Nation    2004-02-25 10:37:24 ET
Surprise! I actually did stuff this week.

* I enlisted to Tel-Aviv University.
- First Priority: Psychology/Philosophy.
- Second Priority: Media/Linguistics.
Only real question is if I get into Psychology, the rest is easy street.

* I got a terrific offer from a mate of mine for an apartment downtown Tel-Aviv. 150$ a month, with good company, internet+puters, big n' spacey, prime location, fridge+microwave+stove, etc.
Only real thing that's keepin me back now is this goddamn psychometric exam. And the fact that I have no steady income/money.

* I met up with Ariel. We need to do that more often.

* Bought some more comics at Comikaza. I suck, I know. They said they'd talk to me about part-time work there later this year. Sweet!

* Sent my dualshock2 ps2 joystick in for repair/replacement. Two weeks before warranty expires. Eep.

This friday is my 23rd birthday.
Rejoice and frolic with me! weeee!
Send me money too!

Okay, I'll settle for a 'happy birthday' or something, fuckers.

(though I could really use the money)

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