Post-Midweek, pre-Weekend summary.    2004-02-11 12:37:34 ET
Okay, a few anecdotes and observations from the past few days:

* I went to the dentist. Look ma, no cavities!
- Haven't been to a dentist in 5 years :O
- Turns out when I sleep I grind my teeth (!?@#$) I'll need someone to confirm that one for me.

* When some girls call you up and ask you if you wanna study together, they don't necessarily want sex.
- I will never understand women.
- She took a look at my CDs and immidietly played the one titled 'Industrial'. It's always the quiet ones..

* I didn't wake up from a 5-richter quake today.
- Nothing bothers me when I sleep.
- I don't think it was a regular earthquake; It was our forthfathers and national heroes spinning in their graves.

* There's this girl I think I like (maybe), and I think maybe she likes me too. Maybe.
- I'm sort of terrified of the concept.
- I have no idea what to do about it. :O

Hmm. I remembered I had mroe to say, and I remember them being more interesting in my head. Ho well.

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 illive    2004-02-08 12:54:16 ET
This psychometric course thing is killing me. I can't do anything without feeling guilty. I'm waaay behind on my homework, and there's no way I'm gonna take this test again. I fucking need to get my shit together and focus on this..

But alas, many other attractions.. Some of them necessities. If I give up on my social life now, I'll find myself sunk in a depressive stupor.

I feel a need for change, but impotence and helplessness as to actually figuring out what it is I need changed, and how to trigger it.

I'm also quite broke, wishwashed in the lovelife dept., and generally feel like I'm going nowhere.


I'm also injured. I may have sprained my ankle at a party this Friday, and I'm limping like a human experiment gone horribly wrong.

..And all this depressing music isn't helping.

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 O_o    2004-02-02 02:47:18 ET
Turns out I'm djing at The Balcony Pub tonight.

Sweet. I like money.

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 Retrospecively Jersey    2004-02-01 14:25:26 ET
After my crumby psychometric course today I went out to the Sofabeat. Every Sunday they give stage to artists off Jerusalem's Ak Duck label, and tonight starred Polish Butterfly, who does nifty dark electronics.
The sound wasn't great n' all, and I only took a few sips of beer off my dnb-crew buddy's who came along, but it was still worth while cuz I got to meet a lot of ol' time Jerusalem folks.

Oh, and I got to hear the Malkiel Grossman mix to Top Hat Carriers *sw00n!!*

(yeah, I know nobody knows what I'm talking about, but my heart skipped a beat)

anyway, thassit for now. Still coughing a lot.

Gotta call my mate Moshe who lives in NY now. He's got a birfday tomorrow :O

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 chasing rabbits    2004-01-31 09:34:32 ET
another weekend of doomdoomdoom.
Thursday I was too sick to actually do anything with myself.. I felt a bit better friday though.
Meirav came over noon, and we went downtown to tel aviv for this Urban Play music/fashion/whateva event. It was cool, we hung out with the drum n' bass crew and drank and did silly things.
There's a constant undertow of drama in our lives right now, but I think we managed through most of it..

Nightime we went clubhopping, and didn't spend a dime all night :] *proud*
We went back to the first club we were in 6:15 in the morning and danced to drum n' bass tunes till 8:00 or so.. It was.. MASSIVE. \m/
I'm aching all over, but it was an all-round rawkin' night.

I'm still sick, my eyes are sore, and the heart's still a-hurtin', but all n' all I had a great weekend.

I look fried:

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