cough    2004-01-28 04:12:21 ET
Still sorta sick.

Yesterday I started thinking about what I'm gonna do next year and started freaking out. I have no bloody idea.
I mean, right now, I'm doing this course and taking the psychometric exam on the first of April. With the results I can sign up for Uni in the next 7 years.
But after the first of April, I got no plans.
What do I wanna do next year..?
Maybe I wanna live it out another year..?
Get a job?
Move out of home?
Travel abroad?
Move abroad?

Lottsa stuff I wanna do, and not a lot of time to be 23 (which is comin' up February).

A few of the major conflict points, I guess I'm gonna hafta sort out:

* The only option I got which doesn't necessitate getting a decent-paying job is signing up for Uni next year and staying at home, no trips abroad, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

* I want to go to Australia / New Zealand. For a couple of months maybe. I don't wanna do it alone (hopin Ariel will be up to it), and I need hella money to do it.. But it's my childhood, I gotta go back there someday, and nows as good a time as any (maybe I could loan money from my folks..hmm..)

* In the very least, I wanna go to Europe this summer. Seems everyone's goin to Czectech festival, and Prague is beautiful (and comparatively cheap, too).. But this also requires money.

* I may still have that job in Vancouver option next year. Something to keep in mind. I should probably ask around what's going on with that..

* I want to move out. I admit, I have it good at home. Real good. But I don't feel like I have my space. My room is the place I sleep in, nothing more. I want to have space to be creative in too. This requires even more money, and a constant flow of it too.

* I don't really want to get a job. It's a tough market out there too. Chances of getting into something that actually pays good is slim to none. I hate this.

* I feel like I'm (still) not doing what I really want to be doing. I want to sign up for a gym, and for an art class maybe. This too, requires time and money.

okay, end rant.

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 gitterbug    2004-01-26 14:05:32 ET

I'm in a surprisingly good mood.
How refreshing!


I'm sorta sick though.

I've been sick for about a month now, on and off. *cough*
This is very wrong.

Dear God,

I'd like some money, please.



:: Listening to: Collide - Violet's Dance ::

 weekly update galore    2004-01-24 13:13:17 ET
ugh, this week has been hectic.
I went out every single night.. blargh.
So instead of the usual, lame rundown of everything, I'll keep it simple:

* No matter what you do, if you're doing it with good people, you'll have a blast.

* No amount of weed and alcohol consumption can truly make you forget what's bothering you. There is NO escape from dealing with the pain.

* They do however, help pass the time quite nicely, and can distract your mind, but only for a very limited time.

* Most people in the alt-comics-indie-zine scene are full of shit, but really funny.

* Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

* I'm feeling sad and empty lately. What a surprise, my birthday is coming up. I always get depressed around my birthday. *sigh* Someone give me a virtual hug.

:: Listening to: Jay Walk Snail - All I wanted was to call Indiana ::

 Oddity    2004-01-22 06:16:38 ET
Anyone notice that Chevelle - Closure sounds exactly like Tool, while their other single, Send The Pain Below sounds exactly like Deftones?

How bizzare.


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 Cold Lazarus    2004-01-21 15:32:53 ET
Random randomness.
I've been going out pretty much every day this week. This is straining my psyche and my wallet.
I DJed at the balcony pub this monday, it was the finals of the stinky dj-competition thing.. I didn't win, got in second :/
I never won anything in my life, why should this be any different?
Anyway, I still had a lotta fun, my set included everything from Vex Red and Super Furry Animals to Kid 606 and Welle:Erdball.
I still get a bottle of whiskey and 100nis for second place, and the guys who won (they were a team) told me they'd love to have me over as a guest dj.. I also got offers to DJ at some pretty major clubs in Israel.. Totally weird, considering I'm not a DJ by any standards, I don't have the equipment, skills, or experience.. I just have a pretty good taste in music (I guess).
Oh, I also got an offer to promote the local bi-weekly britpop parties, though no details were discussed yet.
So maybe my financial situation is gonna improve soon. :]

On a completely different subject, the course I'm taking to prepare my for the psychometric exam is sucking my life away. Every part of me that ever wanted to live is being drained away into the florecent lighting of our dark school-class. </routine rant>
In the past two weeks I've done more homework than I did during at least 2 of my highschool years.

Oh, and lastly, I can't find episodes of Cold Lazarus on Kazaa. Damn you, KazaA.

:: Listening to: Blonde Redhead - A Cure ::

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