headinjury    2004-01-17 05:56:42 ET
DNB/Hardcore rave last night.

I wasn't feelin' it... Dunno. A lot of people felt the same, so maybe it's not just my-fucked-up-ness...
There was an utter lack of vibe.
I mean, it was cool, but nuffin' too special.

Me and Noa being silly. Pic taken by Dina (glad you had fun!)

Heh. \m/

:: Listening to: The Strokes & Regina Spektor - Modern Girl ::

 updates, downdates and laaaamb charadesssss!    2004-01-12 15:31:08 ET
welp, I've generally joined the miserablec0re kru in life.
Relationships = Death.
Sides that, this course I'm taking for my psychometric exam (sorta like SAT) is ruining my life.
I took a diagnostic exam last lesson, and the only subject I even answered all of the questions in was English. fux0rZ, I suX0rZ.
I need a good score on this shit, I fucking hate doing homework (I never did any at school), and I want my life baaaaaaack.

At least Dina is in Israel now to entertain moi :D

I've been talkin to Ariel a lot lately.. We're both in weird places in life now, and we can always see through eachothers eyes.
It's good to have friends.

In other news, today I walked into a glass door, which fucking hurt (though not as bad as I'd expect), and I also saw a guy I know since I was 6 randomly DJing at this pub.

:: Listening to: Belle & Sebastian - Step into my office, baby ::

 OPERATION: Child's Play    2004-01-05 00:12:50 ET
04.01.04/21:30 A concert was to take place by famous singer Keren Ann at local venue Camel Comedy Club.
All tickets were sold out 2 hours after news of the concert was spread through mass media.

Infiltrate concert at all costs.

Operatives TE and TK.

17:30: Stakeout in front of venue.
18:24: Reconnaissance Patrol through surrounding area. Venue is impenetrable. Main entrance a locked and chained high gate, protected with barbed wire. New strategy required.
19:12: Intercepted fellow concert-goer. Through manipulative questioning we receive valuable intel.
19:20: Return to vehicle for further strategy-formation.
20:07: Wait outside gate for openning. Observations bring forth new, and highly valuable intel concerning Keren Ann's relations with venue-owner.
20:10: Enter concert-area.
20:43: Excecute plan. By way of deception, ticket-holders were led to believe we had in fact ordered tickets, and they missplaced our order.
21:05: First signs indicating of plan success; ticket-holders assure us "everything will be okay."
21:22: Fellow concert-goer receives 2 extra tickets. He returns them to the ticket-holders, who immedietly instruct him to sell those tickets to us.
Said tickets are 0-row seats, i.e. closer than first row.
21:26: Tickets aquired.
21:32: Stand in front of hall openning.
21:37: Being seated in row-zero, dead centre.
These are the best seats in the house.
~21:45: Concert begins.
***Mission Accomplished. New objective aquired; intercept singer at end of concert for greetings and autograph.***
00:15: Concert end. Operatives readying equipment.
00:16: Stakeout in front of "star" entrance. We are informed by venue personnel that there is no entrance.
00:20: Further interrogation tells us that she will be leaving to the main hall shortly.
00:23: We patrol the hall area, but decide to bait the prey near our previous location.
00:31: Target sighted.
00:35: Target intercepted. Words are spoken, contact is made, autographs signed.
***Objective accomplished; New objective aquired; Loot venue for poster of singer.***
00:49: Operative TK spots large poster and marks as desired target. Operative TE goes into action, while Operative TK stands on the lookout.
00:50: Suspicious concert-goer approaches, but is told we are "cleaning up".
00:51: All objectives accomplished. Mission successful. Return to HQ (after celebrating at local eatry).


:: Listening to: Keren Ann - Sailor & Widow ::

     2003-12-30 06:29:16 ET
I played at dis pub in Tel-Aviv yesterday in a dj contest. Not too many people came, but I think enough to vote me into the final round ;-)
I think I kicked major ass, but time will tell... I haven't received d official announcement yet.

Heh, I even managed to have fun (kinda). w00t.

Lesson of the day:
Friends are important to get over tough times.


Heh, I've even started eating again. I didn't sleep a minute, but I'm working on that too..!

     2003-12-26 06:14:25 ET
I can't even find a good song to quote, to express how sad I feel.

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