IOU    2003-10-10 09:30:17 ET
Finally, I got the Teton/Yellowstone/Glacier/Banff pix off my camera.

Embrace the beauty:

Grand Teton Nat'l Park

Yes, I was actually there.


The fall.

Yellowstone is rich with thermoactive grounds..

Old Faithful (everybody whose been to Yellowstone has one of these)

The Banff

Candian Sky

There's so many more prettyful pics, but my server's probably gonna crash just from these :]

Anyway, I'm in Vancouver now, it's a beautiful city, definately being added to my top 5.

Gotta go y'all, laterzzz

 Zippin through..    2003-10-06 17:01:45 ET
S'been a while since my last update..

Ahh! So much stuff, so little time to tell!

On our way to SLC we stopped at The Arches national park.
I figure it's where the Road Runner cartoons were filmed :]


Look for the ACME employee

We stayed at the nearby town, Moab, which was sort of like a resort town, just with arches instead of a beach. Indian Summer. You know.
Pretty cool, I really liked it there.

Then we continued on to SLC. We visited the Mormon temple. It's so cute there!
Everybody is so nice!
One of this sister missionairies who gave us a tour around the place offered me a Book of Mormon. She didn't offer just anybody. Maybe I looked like I need some spiritual help ;)
Yep, if I were to become a religious person, I'd definately join the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. \m/


Anyway, since everybody was so nice and honest and stuff, we decided this would be the place we did our oil change and take care of some auto malfunctions we had. ;)
Seriously now, the roads are wide, people are nice and the place is pretty lovely. Worth dropping by.

We moved on to Idaho Falls, and from there to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. I got pics, but I can't post em' quite yet, so you'll have to wait, and just believe me that it was stunning :]

Jackson Hole was a terrific little town, wiht wooden pavement and a Northern Exposure/Picket Fences sort of feel to it. Neat :)
Other places we've stayed in have been, err, well, ratholes.
I've been away from civilization for so long!
I don't understand why all these national parks have gas food and lodging, but no cellphone reception! Argh.
(and no public net access, but that is lacking all around the USA)...

We then moved on to Glaciers National parks (again, pics soon!), and now we've crossed over to British Columbia, on our way to the Banff, and then, Vancouver.
West coast, be prepared for me in a couple of weeks !
*quake in fear!!*

So anyway, that's it for now.
Love ya'all n' miss ya'all

I can't believe I've been here for two months already!! eep!

:: Listening to: Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (on the radio)::


 Roadtrippin    2003-09-29 08:09:15 ET
So, it's been a while since I was in civilization.
I've left Chicago westbound, passing through vast cornfields they call 'states' here.
Vast Plains of Nothingness:

If you build it, they will come.

Also saw soem stupid Bridges in Madison county. I have pictures, but I don't want to waste anybody's bandwidth on crap.

I stopped by Frank Lloyd Wright's ol' neighbourhood, as well as one of the 19 'complete' houses he did. 'Complete' meaning he chose the furniture, the decorations, everything. He was quite a megalomaniac. Ho hum, geniuses occasionally are.
I also stopped by Des Moines to say 'ello' to an ol' pal :)

So now I'm in Colorado. I was in Denver, and now I've headed off to the Rockies.
This place is so beautiful. How can I describe it?
Massive mountains, painted green with pine trees, and the occasional brilliant yellow aspens make for a beautiful contrast. the skies are baby blue, the weather fine, and rivers n' lakes decorate the mountainsides, which are otherwise painted brown-red.

But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words..:

Amazing, isn't it?

So... We've been to Vail, been to Aspen, and I suppose we're headin' up to SLC now :]

Hopefully, I won't turn into a Mormon :O

Miss you guys!


 Ghost Rider on the Attack    2003-09-21 06:34:50 ET
Chi-Town kicks ass.
It's a variant on Manhattan, with much better architecture.
Only 2 downsides
A) People drive like maniacs (reminds me of back home).
B) All the homeless and beggars that were swept off Manhattan seemed to have found themselves in Chicago.
I mean, even if I had change, and were inclined to give it to you, sir, you're the 14th person who's asked me for it on Michigan Avenue alone..!
Also there's probably less than half the police pressence of the streets than in Manhattan.

Chicago has this neat classy vibe to it. It almost makes me want to buy a suit with a hat and a tommygun. It's in the air, I tell ya :)

So last night we strolled all over downtown, and in the eveniing went out to The Metro club to see The Raveonettes.
They were warmed up by Kittens for Christians (who were okay, too) and Stellastar*, which were TERRIFIC. They've got a debut album coming out tuesday, and I already bought it. Nothing too innovative, but they're pretty damn good.
Then The Raveonnettes came up and gave a smashing performance. Really kicked ass. Their guitarist dude was so wild. I figured he was possibly possessed by the soul of Jimi Hendrix. ;P
I went to the aftershow and talked with them for a bit. They were surprised anyone from Israel had heard of them.
Hehe, we don't ride camels here y'all. Cute lil' Danish lass.
So today we might do a boat ride. Weeeeee!

lalala. Gotta go.

ADDENDUM: Some Chi-Town pix:

Pretty buildingssss


An authentic Chicago night time experience.

Nice view..

Love and Marriage...


 Where we're going we don't need.. Roads.    2003-09-19 22:11:00 ET
I just moved back in time an hour today, when crossing the border from Indiana to Illinois. Pretty kewl ;)

Just a quick update, as I'm dead tired (jetlag ;P)
We left Toronto yesterday, and headed off to The Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit, where we saw a Red Hot Chili Peppers + Queens of the Stone Age concert. It was rawkin'!
Sadly, we didn't get any good seats, and there weren't any GA tickets left. No matter, since, as Israelis, we simply snuck around and found ourselves in a much better spot. It didn't really matter that we weren't in the ga, cuz the crowd were a bunch of wusses who barely jumped anyway. Sad, really.
Oh, and people, do you ALL eat pizzas and burgers and shit while at a rock concert??? Am I the only one who finds that fuckin ridiculous??
Anyway, great performance by the band, it was just a great night out on the town.

I've been shopping like a maniac. Weeeeee.

So now I'm in Chicago at these cool relatives o mine, and tomorrow we'll start seein the sites n stuff.
I might go see The Raveonettes at the Metro if there are tickets left. :]

Hooray for rock concerts passive smoking! (it was like a bloody coffee shop in the palace 8))

g'night everybody around the worlddddd

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