Today    2003-09-16 21:23:41 ET
I heard people saying 'aboot'.

I'm still not sure I accept this whole 'Canada' theory to be true.

I'm the king of the world wooohoooo!!!11

 Aight, quick update    2003-09-15 12:24:00 ET
so I've left the Boston area.
I went out to Man Ray on my last night there. No sp0rks were seen. They didn't want to let me in cuz I wasn't dressed in fetish. So I had to go back to the house (which luckily was a 2 minute walk from the club) and loan my sister's black pants. Just plain black was okay by them. Fine.
How lame.
Anyway, so the place is huge, and lottsa potential, but christ, that was the lamest setlist I've heard since getting to the states.
It started out with mainstream industrial-rock, the usual Rob Zombie / Rammstein stuff, which is okay by me. But then, it suddenly became a weird mixture of retro-techno, new york house, apollo 440 and apoptygma berzerk. Totally fucked up.
The other floor was no better. Hooray for Fictional. Other than that is was all uber-gawth stuff that isn't even really dancable at all.
Ho hum, quite disappointing.

We then visited Salem, MA. In case you don't know, it's where the Puritans had witchhunt trials, and in a period of 13 months accused 150 and hung 19 people for being witches.
Now, I don't know if there were witches there in those days. That I don't know.
However, nowadays, the place is FULL of them. Witchcraft, wikka, pagan, tarot, palm-reading, fairies, goblins and garden gnomes, all commercialized for your touristic pleasure. That I know.
It was a pretty sweet town though :)
Last night we spent in Buffalo, NY. We ate Buffalo Wings and drank 'pop'.
How cool is that? ;)
Today we crossed over Niagara. Damn, the Canadian side is soooooo much better than the American side.
I'm still not sure I believe in this whole 'Canada' thing, but whatever.
So we hung around Niagara Falls city for a while, then drove off to Toronto, stopping at some Winery's on the way.
Pretty kickass day.
So, I'll be out and about Toronto for a few days, and then on the 18th I'll be heading towards Chi-Town.
Hopefully, catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers / Queens of the Stone Age concert.

Niagara Falls

CN Tower

My silhouette, atop the CN Tower.


 HAPPY!    2003-09-11 20:04:59 ET
Go wish a happy birfday to the bestest kitty in the world: Meirav.

May you have a pink year, dear. :)


 Red Balloons    2003-09-10 20:10:54 ET
Aight, so I'm in Cambridge, near Boston now.
S'all good.

Boston is really really cool. Not at all like Manhattan, much more laid back, and very very.. hmm.. 'sweet', I suppose. :)

Me 'n me sis walked all around downtown and the freedom trail, it was really great, and the weather was nice too.

We took a boat-shuttle thingie to Charlston, just to see the harbor and stuff.

We also saw the Holocaust memorial, which has got ot be the most beautiful and to-the-point Holocaust memorial I have ever seen.
It's in a park in the street, people just go around it, it's not like 'a place where the jews go to mourn', it's right in the middle of the street, downtown. A series of tall clear glass walls, for each death camp, and numbers... Millions of numbers engraveed in the glass. A second glass inside each wall had personal accounts, quotes, giving a personal POV. Through the floating floor you could see a million blinking lights, and on marble pieces between the glasses there was informative text about the war and figures, and ending with the famous quote by Pastor Martin Niemöller.
A truly touching monument to the sanctity of human rights.

Then I went to eat some Boston Clam Chowder. Yum.

Me on da boat ride :

Theodor Herzel Posse

Humping the Boston FAO Schartz Teddybear's leg.

Hmph. It's Sep. 11th already. . ..

This song has been in my head all day:
:: Listening to Nena - 99 Luftballons ::

 Wuv wiw teaw us apawt    2003-09-07 13:31:37 ET
Still drunk and lazy to post pix, but I'm in NYC now.
Damn, it's good to be back ;)

I met up with my sister yesterday, and I went out to Downtime. *hifives Furax, Mismonster and Azraeltrigger*

I saw Naaman, the Israeli rivet dude I saw at Q's last time I was here. Amusing :]

I was too drunk and lazy to take the path back to NJ, so I crashed at Dina's place. Dina ownz me <3

Walked n' shopped around with Dina today. We rocked Toy Tokyo *drool*

So now I'm at some internet cafe, passin' time, and I'm meeting my sister for dinner in a bit.. We'll probably be heading for Boston tomorrow. S'gonna kickass.

Much love to everybody!

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