*floof*    2003-09-05 22:15:29 ET
Flashforward a few - - -

I've left Miami, driven up the I-95 a whole lot, and now I'm sneaking in with Becky at her dorm in Phily.
Kickass, I say.
I'll probably be hangin' round Phily a bit tomorrow, then, off to NY/NJ!
My sister is in NJ right now at her friends place, and I'll be meeting up with her and in a few days we'll be off to Boston, and the rest of this fine continent of yours.

I got some pix, but I'm too drunk and lazy to get them out now (yes I bought alcohol and snuck it in. I'm in on the whole college frat party scene, YEAH BABY)




Me n' sexy Becky

 Gawthiq    2003-08-31 10:03:54 ET
Yesterday I met up wid some Israeli kru who're mates with an old army bud of mine.
We walked around Miami Beach and casued general mayhem.

An authentic drunk-on-the-street (AS SEEN ON TV!)

Me @ th beach, rockin' my Hawaii shirt. Pic taken by Roey.

Later that night I went out to the openin of The Kitchen Club @ Soho Lounge downtown Miami.

It was awright, nufin' to write home about. The place is HUGE and pretty cool, but the music was last years setlist, and worse (hooray for Seelenschmerz TWICE), the britpop room turned out to be 80's clash room, and the goff room was pretty okay, but I can't listen to that all night long (though there was a good run of Cold (mig-29 mix) and Love Breeds Suicide which pretty rocked)
oh, and there were like a shmillion MEGA-GAWF poseurs/vampires/sickos.

Thassit for me from Miami, I think I'll be headin' outta town tomorrow.

:: Listening to: Kingmaker - 10 Years Asleep ::

 DNB Army    2003-08-30 14:09:15 ET

Last night I partied at Club I/O @ Miami, with the most wicked DNB party I've ever been too!

Only thing that was missin was my friends..

Total Science openned up with a wicked set, pretty upbeat, he was rockin' Champion Sound like it was new :)
Then Goldie went up and it was just insane!
It was like a rock concert, the energies, and people jumpin up and down in front of the stage...! Ahh!
Then DJ CRAZE went up and simply blew me away. The guy can spin, like a mudafucka.

Anyway, pretty wicked night. It was worth comin' to Miami to see Goldie :]

I'm thinking to change pace and maybe go to the openning of this Industrial club tonight.. The Kitchen Club. Or something.
Whatever, they have an indie/brit room too which is always good.

Me & Rachel


:: Listening to: Pendulum - Vault ::

 weeeee    2003-08-28 09:39:48 ET
So West Palm Beach was quite unexciting, except for the fact that I went to this indie rock/britpop place and got lottsa cool free BRMC propaganda.
There wasn't even any dancing there, only people layin about..
Anyway, I got to Miami today, I'll be meeting up with some Israel folk tonight, and probably some DnB crew peopel later on this weekend.
I might be goin to the Tori Amos / Ben Folds concert on the 4th. Only thing is, it's sorta got me in a tight schedule, cuz I gotta reach NYC by the 7th-9th or so to meet my sister,and I wanna make it to Chicago by the 16th for the VNV Nation concert...
Anyway, we'll see how things go...

Finally, an Internet Cafe which let me dump my pix:

Savannah, GA

Me, playin with the timer on my digicam at some cheesy motel.

Epcot is like, big.

Must...Leave.. Internet... Find.. Place.. To Sleep...

 Flowida!    2003-08-26 05:08:22 ET
Awrighty, I'm at Kinko's in Orlando, which don't allow me to plug in my USB camera, so no piccies (grr).

Orlando's terrific. It's both a party town, and a chillin' place. I went out two nights ago to Independent Bar and dance to cheesy 80's and goot industrial.
Again, both dancefloors were rockin Emerge like i'ts new.
Not to mention Timekiller (And One mix)

heh :)

But with good drinks for 50 cents, who cares what they're playing (and the dude did put XPQ-21, Funker Vogt and Accessory for me, so \m/ to you dude).

Yesterday I spend the entire day @ Epcot. It wasn't as cool as I remembered it as a kid. :/
It was all Sesame-Schoolish 'learning-inclined', and even worse, everything is CORPORATE SPONSERED. I didn't remember that.
Every area in the park is sponsered by another large international corporation.
And they're like 'blah blah blah, IBM has more patents than all it's competitors combined blah blah blah.'
What does this have to do with fun?

I hate Disney. I think when i reach the west coast I might skip Disney and go only to Universal. f00.

Today I'll be heading to Kennedy Space Center (hopefully this won't be a disappointment too), and then down south the I-95 towards West Palm Beach.

buhbyez for now !

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