Road Rules    2003-08-23 09:49:21 ET
I am now sitting in an internet cafe in Savannah, GA.
It's so beautiful and tranquil here, you have no idea.

The last couple of days I've been on the road. Driving all day, and watching Star Trek reruns at cheesy motels at night.

All I have is my bags and my car.

This is freedom.

Savannah is gorgeous. Green fields, carriages, art galleries everywhere.
I've only been here a couple of hours, and I already know I could live here. It's peaceful, yet urban.

Now, to find out if they have a party scene.. ;)

P.S. Sorry all folks from Philly.. I may only make it there on my way back north..


 Hypermelee    2003-08-19 20:59:00 ET
Since I'm still waiting for my car license thingie to be finalized (hopefully tomorrow), I spent the day in Washington, DC. I mainly hung around the capitol and Smithsonian museums.
I went to the Natural History museum, which always rocks, and I saw a nifty IMAX flic about Dinosaurs. Yay.
Then I went to the Air & Space Museum (which again, also rocks. I am such a geek). I piloted in a flight simulator. Total awesome 3d action. I got sick to my stomach! Weeeee! :)
Later on I met up with a guy I know since forever (he's the son of friends of the family) who lives in DC now. We hung out, ate yummy Itallian food, then went to see Freddy Vs. Jason. \m/
All n all pretty fun day.
On my metro back to Silver Springs I met this girl Vanessa, and we just sorta clicked. If my car won't be ready, and I'll still be around here, it'll be nice to have some party people to go out with.
Last weekend I just hung around the house :(
I could of course go up to Philly and meet with Becky and Birthday girl.. :)

Here be some pics from today

Beautiful Garbage

Me and a big shlong some Japanese tourist took.

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 Adventures in Baltimore! (..?)    2003-08-18 16:05:01 ET
Well, I was getting bored jsut waiting around Silver Sprigns (cuz I still have some issues with my car to finalize) so I thought of taking a daytrip.
At first I wanted to go to Philly, but it's a 2.5 hour drive, which means 5 hours total, for my first day on the road with the car.. Eh.. I thought it wasn't a good idea.
I wanna test the car out first, see how it handles. Plus, it's been 2 weeks since I last rode a car, and this one's new to me.
So I took a daytrip off to Baltimore, which was rather amusing.
It took me about 40 minutes to get there, and at first I found myself in this shitty part of town, where I swear, I thought I was gonna get carjacked.
I did eventually find my way to downtown, the Harborplace.
Pretty sweet!
I ate wings and drank beer at hooters for lunch. Noa, you'd have liked it :]
Later I walked around the promenade, wasted money I can't afford to spend on books and junk (they've got this big big Barnes & Nobles in a building which used to be a power plant! How Industrial. \m/ )
And just generally ran amuck.

some pics:

Baltimore Harbor

A crumby pic of me, on the promenade some security guard took.

Some dude on the promenade who saw me taking pictures and asked me to take a picture of him.

Some Aamish in Baltimore (???)

Oh, I forgot to mention, there was this birthday bash here with some fairly distant relatives (my second cousin's wife's kid's kid.. Something like that).
Anyway, I smoked some shit. fa fa fa for distant cousins! ;)

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 Adventure in DC    2003-08-16 19:02:56 ET
Ahh, the first time I can really say 'Ooo, I have blog material!'

I went out to CompUSA at noon and bought me a charger for my nokia, as my crappy Israeli one wasn't the right voltage to work here. My charge was running fairly low.
My cellphone usually lasts a looooong time before it needs any charging. In fact, I don't think it's ever run out on me.
So, later, I took the metro out to DC, it was sunny when I left, but started pouring intense rain when I got there (bloody tropical weather), so I hid in a pub for an hour or so.
Talked on the phone with some friends (I figured I got my charger now, I can afford to waste energy), and chitchatted bullshit with some engineer from Massachussets [spl?]. Then I went to the International Spy Museum. It's fairly new, and pretty nifty. They didn't show too much I didn't already know, but it was sleakly designed and had some good content.
Anyway, I went out of there around 20:00, headed for the metro, and I was calling my cousin so he'll come pick me up from Silver Springs stop, and he wasn't answering, so I left a message.
I kept trying again and again, but my cellphone was running really low, so I figured he was probably in the shower or something and would get the message.
After exiting a tunnel on the train, my cell bleeped that I have a voice message, and it was my cousin's son's wife saying they were pretty worried about me, and why haven't I called and please call and stuff, so I sent an SMS, again, my cell was running really low. I don't have their home number, only his cell and office number, and if my cell died, I wouldn't even have that.
Now, DC isn't an entirely safe town, if for some reason they weren't getting my messages, I'd be worried too. Most Museums close at about 17:30 and they didn't nkow exactly where I was going.
So I got off at my stop, and went looking for a payphone. I didn't want to kill what was left of my cellphone's charge if they did manage to call me.
On my way to change a dollar at some store, I see my cousin's car beeping at me, just passing me by.
So I got in and all's well..
Seems his number that I have was wrong.
It was printed wrong on his card, not my bloody fault.
I just thought it was an odd streak of coincidences worthy of bloggage (me having his wrong number, my cell running out of charge, me missing their call for being in a tunnel, him turning around the corner just as I passed).
Putting it in writing suddenly doesn't seem as exciting.
Ho well, deal, fuckers.
I'm willing to shell out 5 friend points to anyone who'll comment that this shit was even remotely interesting.

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 Here in my Car    2003-08-15 15:31:23 ET

So, since I still have to wait a while before all the registration stuff finalizes, I was thinking of making maybe a short stop around the neighbourhood before I head down to Florida.

Philly, maybe.

Any PAers around up for a meet?

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