Flashforward    2003-08-14 10:44:31 ET
a couple of days, and i'm all settled down in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Tomorrow I'm buying me a car I saw today. White 95' Ford Escort wagon. An old lady was just drivin it around town so it has extremly low mileage.

I'll take piccies when I get it :)

My first car I own..w00t!

Dropped by AAA today, picced up like 2 dozen tour books and maps. Yay me :)

I'm awefully homesick n stuff.. And I'm feeling kinda lonely. Meow..!

So, anyway, I'll u guyz posted..

P.S. Anyone in the area wanna go to Florida with me for a couple of weeks? I'm driving otu from the DC area, and coming back through NY/NJ, but I don't mind takin a detour if it means some company.

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 Last night in town    2003-08-12 04:56:54 ET
Today I leave for Silver Springs, MD (which is right next to Washington, DC).

The last week has been really awesome, it's been great meeting some of joo NY/NJ crew, it's a shame a missed some of joo *grumble*.

I met up with Maya a couple of nights ago, I got a pic but my site's down. No worries, hon, I'll send it to ya when it's back up again.

Yesterday I just roamed around Rockefeller centre, Radio City Music Hall, etc.. . . It just felt so... Right.
This place feels really like home, and I'm gonna miss it. *sniff*

Anyway, I'm outta here, people.

Major thanks and hugs go to Dina.
You rock, babe!

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 Downtimeeee    2003-08-10 13:37:18 ET
Me bein the party animal that I am, I went out to da Batcave last night.
It was pretty awesome. Dina got me in for free, and got me some weed too (yay!).
The music was pretty weird. Starting with cheesy synth, then breaking to PAL - Gelobnis, back to Seabound and Timekiller again. I guess I'm just used to how things are back home.
Downstairs I heard Brainbug - Nightmare (Sinister Strings mix) which I haven't heard in a club since 9th grade (and not an alternative club, mind you).
Actually, I noticed that in QXT's too, you guys often mix in mainstream dance hits (Like I remember hearing Lio - Rapture @ Q's) awesome :) *thumbs up*

Playlists here are really different. I never thought I'd hear the Remanufactured Fear Factory mixes in a club (again, the QXT's :)) w00t and such.

Damn, I jsut remembered how drunk I was.


So, without further adew, some pix!

Dina and Furax (sorry Liron, I don't do boytouching).


Me, Dina, & Co. (sorry folks I was too drunk to remember your names..)

It's been awesome people, I had a terrific time. ..
Not much NY time left, but I'm hopin to meet Maya while she's here. :)


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 Rockin tha NJ    2003-08-09 09:02:15 ET
I had an excellent time at the Qxt's last night..!

It was great meeting all the NJ crew, thanks again Gus for takin me there :o)
Sorry I was insanely late to tha pub ^_^

and now for some pix..

(CJ should be postin some too, but I'm faster ^_^)

Gus layin around..

Bea and Lenny.

Bio rockin tha t-shirt, with me and Chris.

That'll do :)

ADDENDUM: Me and Dina were thinking of maybe goin to 6 Flags tomorrow.. Anyone up for it..?

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 More NY insanity    2003-08-08 16:44:52 ET
Met up yesterday with Dan and Gus (don't worry Noa, I gave Dan your letter :P)
We had some yummy Japanese food, and Gus got me drunk (yay for beers!)

We were joined by a couple of women (sheesh, women) and headed to The pyramid.

Cheesy synthpop galore, but it was pretty fun.

I was telling Dan about this one 'real' rivethead we have in our scene (we call him the electronic soldier), and then this guy passes by, and I'm like "heh, he looks a lot like that guy".
A few waves of the Israeli flag I brought Dan later, he comes up.
Funnily enough, it was him.
Turns out he works for EL-AL. Who knew.

Doesn't this just say 'hardcore'?

So anyway, that was fun. It was pouring rain when I left, and I was really drunk and had a hard time finding my way back to the N/W train. ho hum. :)

Today I went down to Ground Zero to show my respects and such.
I never expected me to get all emo about it, but I swear to God there were tears in my eyes. Being there felt like there was a really heavy weight being put on my heart. No fun.

I took some photos too..

To get this shit off my mind, I went to Canal st., and then to see Terminator 3.
It was pretty good, though the ending was really anti-climactic.
Not as good as T2.

So anyway, I'm off to meet Gus and then we're off partyin at the Q's weeeeee!


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