w00t w00t    2003-02-03 01:08:50 ET
Even though it's Monday, I slept 4 hours or so at night, and I'm at work, I'm surprisingly cheerful.

Damn, not anymore. I just had to count them, eh?

I kid, I kid...

Anyway, britpop/indie/80s party tonight.. Should be fun.

:: Listening to: The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino ::

 *Grumble grumble*    2003-02-02 05:10:48 ET
I'm losing my mind here. Yeah.

I wanna dress up in a bunny suit and scream.

:: Listening to: catherine Wheel - Waydown ::


 Going to Hell    2003-02-02 01:43:34 ET
Meirav posted some of the pics i took from the electro/techno night at The Dungeon.
Look at me and Aya...

<removed by request; Some of us are too self-conscious>
<back after approval>

Doesn't that just make you say "awwwwww..!"

My girl didn't make it out here this weekend :/ *grumble*
She said she might come down sometime during the week..
Hope not on Monday, though, cuz on Monday there's this nifty Britpop/Indie party I wanna go too (the last in this particular line of parties), and she's not much of a britpop fan..

I'm still sort of shocked from yesterday's events...

I like this song:

:: Listening to: David Bowie - The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell ::


 Oh dear god    2003-02-01 05:10:44 ET
I want to cry.


 Me likey!    2003-01-31 10:32:53 ET
Observe & Control put a new instrumental track for download ('Monsters'), and while ago they put a remix some group called Kehrwert did of their hit song 'Purges'.

Any of you rivetty gothy sk.netters might be interested, this is top notch stuff.

And now for something completetly different:

Last night I was at The Cream. I must admit, I had terrific fun. I don't know if I'm getting used to the place or what, but this was definately the best party so far. Good, hard hitting EBM-Electro-Industrial made me move like a mothafucka.
And it's not jsut me, everybody said it was the best so far.
My girl didn't come down south this weekend :/ *grumpy* but she said she might be comin sometime next week.
Welp, so anyway, I'm off to meet Aya, drink some mood-altering substances, then we're off to this techno-hardcore-BDSM-something party. Meirav hs discharged from her service, and we be celebratin wid her (*hugs!* hon!).

So that's it for now, gotta go.

:: Listening to: Observe & Control - Monsters ::


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