ATTENTION SK.NETTERS    2003-01-30 06:11:34 ET
Go give a warm welcome to the one and only Mea Culpa!!

love ya hon!

 Another dumb survey to pass the time...    2003-01-30 01:01:08 ET
Stolen from Liron

I should warn you. I'm in a crumby mood, and it'll reflect in the results.

I AM NOT: pleased with myself. (This is how I got it from Liron, and I'm keeping it that way).
I WAS: A different person, once.
I WAS NEVER: Happy with who I am.
I WILL BE: truly happy, someday. I hope.
I WILL: seize the day. Live in the now. Stop procrastinating.
I WILL NOT: Become that which I despise.
I LIKE: ... Stuff. I'm not sure.
I LOVE: ... Lately,I'm not passionate about anything.
I DISLIKE: Pain. Angst. Drama. The utter aloneness. Cellphones. Israeli culture.
I HATE: Nothing.
I WANT: To find peace. Maybe within myself, maybe with the help of others. True love would be nice, too.
I NEED: To start living for myself.
I DONT WANT: to die. Not yet.
I DONT NEED: all my fucking insecurities.
I SHOULDN'T: follow; I should lead.
I'D LIKE TO OWN: A small isolated island. I'd settle for a apartment, though.
I LISTEN: to all sorts of music.
I EAT: pseudo-food.
I DRINK: alcohol almost daily.
I SMOKE: mood-altering substances, but only when I\'m invited.
I DRESS: whatever I feel comfortable in.
I LAUGH: from brittish, macabre, and cynical/sarcastic humor
I DRIVE: a lot, and I hate it.
I PLAY: Bass guitar. The aren't any games worth playing being made anymore.
I CRY: when I'm pained.
I YELL: at other drivers. On the road, everyone's a maniac. Other than that I'm a pretty rational person.
I DREAM: but almost never remember.
I FEEL: emotions very intensely. I try to keep them buried deep down, though.
I MAKE: myself sick.
I SAY: to myself all sorts of stuff and never do them.
I WISH I COULD: change.
I WISH I WAS: someone else.
I WISH I WASN'T: so fucked up deep down inside.
I AM HAPPY: when I forget.
I AM HORNY: constantly.
I LOVE MYSELF: What's there to love?
I WANT TO ______RIGHT NOW: go home.
I WANT TO ______ TOMORROW: sleep like sane people do.

 Introspective    2003-01-28 05:40:43 ET

Last night went out to The Hobi. I had a great time. I picked up Aya (stopped over at her place before, and helped her apply for an account on ;)), and we rode off. As usual, we were there first, but it was great. We had some of our usual deep life, theuniverse, relationships, and everything sorta chats. I <3 those. ;)
Then the beer started pumpin'. The music was great (the DJ put Mirwais for me! Yay!), and it was good company. I met some friends I burnt some Invader ZiM episodes for em' (damn Israeli television; I've seen the whole goddamn series nd they still haven't bothered purchasing any episodes).
Then at around 1:30 I took off, and when I started driving I realized I had a flat tire. Eep! How traumatic. I've never had one before. So I managed to drive to a gas station nearby, and the guy there helped me replace the tire. s'good, coz I figure it's about time I learn how to do it, better sooner than later, better with someone who's done it a dozen times than alone, better on thenight before a day off then on a night where I hafta wake up for work the next morning.
So anyway, we had a helluva time figuring out the weird germanic-volkswagen jack-thingie that came with the passat (all the while listening to my favourite Industrial compilation ;)) w00t)... but at the end we managed, and I rode off into the sunset.

Today I was rudely awoken by my parents, and we went off to vote. I voted for Meretz (left-wing sissy party), for lack of anyone better to vote for. I'm not even a socialist. Baah. But everyone else is pond scum. *sigh*
Then I continued with my parents to Tel-Aviv. We had a bite to eat, and then me and my mom went to Shenkin. That was pretty amusing.. :)
I got me two new jeans, though. woopie.
Now I'm back home... I really wanna get a haircut, but I'm not certain that the darn place is open.. I'll go give me' a call in a minute..

Later on I'm goin to some friends, I was invited to see the election results wid em'...
Should be cool.

:: Listening to: Observe & Control - Introspective ::

 Convo with chick from across the wall    2003-01-26 05:54:05 ET
*me playing Placebo*
Session Start (MSN - Sun Jan 26 17:38:10 2003
Liron: we can hear you seeeeeeeeeeeeeengeeeengggggg
Shay: lucky you.
Shay: !
Liron: japanese is better
Liron: stormy weather
Shay: Placebo is even better.
Shay: ;)
Liron: "Hi, I'm a guy who wears makeup, I tell everyone my name is brian, but my name is actually DONNA!"
Liron: I swear he's a girl
Shay: פחחח
Shay: no shit
Liron: I'd believe so
Liron: so way is he 100% guy
Liron: unless he has 'round the clock ball restraints
Shay: uhm, have you actually LISTENED to the songs?
Liron: yes
Liron: I'm joking you fool
Shay: ahh
Shay: funny
Shay: look, I'm laughing.
Liron: haha he's probably castrated
Liron: neutered
Liron: fuck you!
Liron: :@
Liron: :$
Liron: :D
Shay: still laughing all about, look at me, I've never been so happy.
Liron: they suck worse than a moose with sucky-thingies
Liron: yeah
*** signed off at Sun Jan 26 17:42:28 2003
Session Close (Liron): Sun Jan 26 17:42:49 2003

"עונש מאלוהים! עונש מאלוהים!"
- "I can't belive it! How did you disconnect me from MSN??"
- "They suck!!"
*winamp moves on to Orgy*
Session Start (MSN - Sun Jan 26 17:45:03 2003
Liron: a-ha! evil is more powerful!
Liron: you can't escape what makes you tragic, you know...
Liron: sucky
Liron: !!
Shay: my dad can beat up your dad.
Shay: just DIE ALREADY.
Liron: (which one of us is posting this log into his/her subkultures page?)

She's weird.

:: Listening to: Shy Nobleman - Sad Song Happy Song ::

 Weekend-O-Doom    2003-01-25 14:29:12 ET
Okay, lemme try and recap, this has been an eventful one..

So, Thursday after work I went home, half an hour later I was rushed to pick up my sister from nowheresville (she was stuck with no transport home), back home, rushing into shower and such, then, after many a debate and a dillema I headed for The Cream. Not because the other club doesn't deserve a chance, or because their party didn't seem without potential, but it seemed all my crew were going to the cream, and, afterall, I go out to have fun.
So anyway, it started out pretty empty. (a friend was quoted saying next time he'll bring a ball, we can play). See the place is reallllly big, so even when it's pretty full it's still still hardly packed, it's really big...
After a mediocre night, I ate TOAST and headed home.
The next day, I was abruptly awoken by my parential figures, and they gave me a ride up north. I gave my girl a call, and I stayed at her place for the night... We had... Fun. :)
We went to a friend of hers' place and watched The Omen. Due to technical difficulties with the DVD player, we saw it in black and white. HOW GOTH. Heh heh. It was fun though. We smoked some shit, too, and we were all pretty smashed.
Then, back to her place...
In the morning (morning. Yeah, right) we watched Transformers: The Movie and listened to Diary of Dreams. Overall, a pretty fun time. (I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you babe!)
Parents picked me up round 16:30 or so. It took us a short eternity to get back home. The whole way was jammed like a motherfucker. When I did finally get home, I gave Noa a call, and we decided to meet up for coffee or something. Coffee soon turned into "I WANT FOOD." cries from both of us, and we went to eat at Big Mamas (Big Mamas = A good reason to move to Tel Aviv. Good pasta is hard to find). So after another night of self indulgence, we headed for home, slowly, but surely. :) We had a lot of laughs... A memorable quote would be "Oh, I feel so fucking fat." *crashes head into table*. Lol. It was great. So..
Now the weekend is over...
And another week begins :/
I be lazy, and be wanting vacation soon.
Oh, wait, Tuesday's vacation, actually. (Elections, w00t!). Hmm. Maybe I'll, like, do something... Ooo...

:: Listening to: Diary of Dreams - Panic ::

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