GO NOW!    2003-01-19 02:52:27 ET
Go visit sweet sweet Technokitty!!


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 Sunday morning boredom    2003-01-19 00:03:34 ET
I can't believe another week has started.

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 WWWOOooooooo    2003-01-18 05:50:15 ET
Last night was one of the BEST parties I've EVER been too.

Techno, Electro, Hardstep, Jungle, Drum n' bass, IDM, you name it. It fuckin rawked.

Met up with Noa, Itay, Meirav, Asaf, and the gang, we went drinking at CarBar(c) ("the first rule of CarBar - You do not talk about CarBar. The second rule.." - Welp, just broke that!) it was awesome. I showed off my bottle-opening capabilities (yeah. Like a little cap is gonna stop me from drinking).

And whoa.. inside. It was like a big woodstockish-rave-senior-prom. While there were hundredsd of people there, I knew so many of them, it was astounding! People from all over came there. I saw people from my highschool, from my gradeschool, from the army, friends-of-friends, and all sorts. It was megacool.
So we stayed till a bit after 6:00 in the morning, when I was already half-dead, but still moving unvontrollably to the music. (There was a fucked up weird k0re cover of War Pigs. whoa).

So now, I woke up, and I'm meeting the gang for Itallian food. Yum.

Smell ya later people.

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 In Strict Confidence    2003-01-17 08:02:21 ET


Last night was fun.
Yeah, that's what it was.

Went out to the new club openning. Drank some death-flavoured alcoholic bevarage with Noa, Itay and Moran. Then we went in. Yadda yadda yadda, my girl arrived.
We danced and made out all night long, then we went over to my place. and uhh. Well, since this is a G rated site, we'll just leave it there. :)
I barely slept a minute but when I did, there's just no feeling in the world better than hugging someone to sleep.
So anyway, we woke up real late n' stuff today, hanged out a bit, drank coffee and such, then I drove her to a friends place, who just happened to have a friend of hers sleep over, and she had a car, so she got a ride back up north..
This is starting to build into something. Naturally I'm all awkward and not-knowing-how-I-feel and stuff, but I wanna give this a shot. I mean, fuck, why not?

Sooo, now I'm just melting in front of the screen. I'm dying of hunger, but there's dinner soon.
Might be going to an underground (I use the term 'underground' lightly) techno party later.
It's weird, it's Friday, but it feels like it's Saturday.
Theres a whole weekend ahead of me.

My mom and my sister were fighting before.. I hate drama, and I do not envy the female gender. You really know how to hurt eachother.

So, that's it for now..

Damn I'm tired..

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 Make the boredom go away.    2003-01-16 06:03:04 ET
My mind is on i/o overload. I wanna close the shutters, and embrace tranquil, autistic, silence.
An infitity of thought processes running independantly give me an uneasy feeling - nausea of the head, not the stomach.

I feel anxious, agitated, jittery, nervous, self-conscious, more "aware", or "alert". Like someone pushed the 'turbo' button and all of a sudden I've ascended to transcendence, a higher state of mind.. Only I'm not handling the rush. I bet this is what speed feels like (well, maybe.).

I'm out of work in an hour. I confronted my boss today. I'm glad I did, though the whole concept stressed me out a little too much. The bastards had the bright idea of having us mere mortal employees do a weekly "cleaning duty". I'm sorry, I'll be washing my own cup of coffee thankyouverymuch. What am I a soldier? The fucktard didn't even get what's so horribly wrong with that.
Anyway, I won't be doing it, so I don't give a fuck.

Going out tonight. Ugh, nd it's a thursday! Eep. New club opening. I'll be heading home first, getting myself prepared for the big night (my girl's coming to sleep over!! *ghast* I should tidy my room a bit). Then I'll go to Noa's palce and help her choose artwork for her portfolio...

I'm sort of.. hmm.. Not-looking forward for tonight. I don't know why. I guess I'm just tired and pissed and not in an entirely great mood, and I wish I were. Things'll be looking brighter, soon enough, though (I hope).

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