I just renamed "My Documents" dir to "Meine Dokumente"    2003-01-15 12:14:17 ET
I wonder what Freud would say about that.

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 Thundercats HO!    2003-01-15 11:46:54 ET

You are Tygra!

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 Doom doom doom tuesday doom doom doom    2003-01-13 23:30:17 ET
Went out yesterday night with the gals to tha pub. Drank some beer, had fun. S'all good.
Talked with my girl some more.. I invited her to sleep over on Thursday.. and she said yes ;)) (j0y!)

Anyway I'm dead tired now, I have lottsa work, I wanna sleep but instead I'm sippin ol coffee, and surfin sk.net.
Not very productive, but I don't care..

I can't believe it's only Tuesday.

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 *enjoy the sauce*    2003-01-11 06:38:46 ET
5 points for whoever knows where the subject is quoted from.

Annnnnnyyyyyyyyyyywwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaay.......... We kissed all night long! w00t!

Oh, wiat, I'll start from the top. So There was this horrible dinner party at my house with these horrible guests, so I escaped, went to pick up Noa and Asaf, and we headed off to Haifa.
There's no party in the scene in Tel-Aviv this week, but there's always the trusty City Hall in Haifa, and my girls a Haifan.., so anyway. It was hell reaching there. While it could've/should've been easy, we decided not to follow a friend who offered to guide us, because he knows the way, and make it on our own. We found ourselves stuck in hedious traffic, caused by police blockades. Seems a dangerous prisoner knifed a guard and escaped prison, and the whole city of Haifa was on alert looking for him.
(I picked a day to go to Haifa. Jeez what fucked up luck).
Anyway, so we got really pissed, stuck in traffic and all the cars around us were listening to horrible arabic music, so we put on Hocico, amped up the volume, and openned the windows (coz yeah, fuck everybody ;))
We did eventually find our way to the place. Nice, felt kinda like a school-party (though the place was big). I was surprised to see lot's of other Tel-Aviv folk migrated to Haifa this weekend. It was amusing. ;)
After a few hearty hellos, I saw her.
A hug, a kiss. It was beautiful.
So we talked a bit, but pretty much were busy all night making out. It was fun. I sort of felt that this is where she wanted to keep it for now, so I didn't push any further, which is cool, I suppose. I mean, sure, I want sex, and I'd love to have someone to hug when I wake up, but it can wait. No need to rush anything, if she still isn't comfortable.
The way back home was hellish. I kept myself up (while everyone else in the car was sound asleep) by listening to Enzyme-X Post Traumatic Fuckup on repeat. (No, it didn't wake them bastards up). Got home 8:15 in the morning. My mtoher was already up, doing dishes and stuff. I grabbed a shniztel to eat (I was dead hungry), and fell to sleep till the afternoon. *sigh*
What a night...
So, anyway, I called her, but there was no answer. I guess she's at work already, but I'll call her later...

What today? Hmm. Dunno. I'm feeling sortof squishy. Not in the mood to do much, and I think that's exactly what I'll do.

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 baah    2003-01-11 06:04:49 ET

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