This is so cool.    2003-01-02 01:27:36 ET

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 Good Riddance 2002    2003-01-01 03:38:16 ET
Went last night after work to the usual EBm club. One of thelast in the current line of parties.
Anyway, it as terrific.I met up first with some friends, we drank some Smirnoff Ice, and went in (real VIP-smooth-like), there were a shmillion people waiting outside like dogs. Ugh. new years Eve parties are always hell. Anyway, the music was kickass, although too much pussynth for my taste(and sadly, there wasn't anywhere to run too - the metal floor went mad - they were playing Alice Cooper and the Final Countdown when I went there. UGH., and the britpop room, which is always too crowded, was exceptionally crowded this night, in a manner which closely resembled what I imagine hell to be like).
I was damn cool to see a lot of newbies on the dancefloor. Some people I've never seen came up to me and recognized me. Heh. Weirdness.

So anyway, I did what I could to avoid the stupid 00:00 countdown kiss thing, considering no one wants me...

Though I did kiss some random stray girl about half an hour later on the dancefloor (I'm so weak).

I also talked to some nice girl.. (not the one I kissed).. Hmm. Maybe..? Something..? We'll see.

It's a shame I had to leave early (2:30 is not actually that early, since I was partying since 22:30), but I wanted to be able to function today at work.

OOoo, another interesting tidbit: I woke up from the alarm clock today! True, it still was only about 5:30 hours sleep, because I came back late and all, but I honestly felt when I woke up, that if the clock hadn't waken me up, I might've slept some more. Who knows? Maybe all I need is to go out everynight a dance like a madman. Shyeah, right.

Anyway, back to work,


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 Down, not a     2002-12-31 02:52:38 ET

At work.

Fuckin' around.


Tonight: New Years Eve special at the regular ol' damn place with 80s Synthpop EBM Industrial Metal and Britpop. yippie-ka-yay.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to tonight?

Happy fucking New Year. Good riddance, 2002.

On other news, my mother wants to "talk" to me. If you've been following, you guys should know I haven't been sleeping well. A month and a half, is enough time for me to decide it's not just gonna go away. Something is wrong. So I asked her to set me an appointment for heir doktor this friday. See what's wrong with my head-meat. Maybe I'll go to a shrink (heh, and I thought I'd be the only kid in my family who didn't go to therapy - How wrong I was!). In the meantime she wants to 'talk' to see what's bothering me.

Thing is, I don't know what's bothering me either.

A lot of things, but nothing really. I don't know. Everything from the state of the planet, my non-existant and fairly cynical love life, the fact that I'm not a kid anymore, my job, my unsure future [or: what/when do I want to start studying], ad infinitum.

Could this be what's waking me up 2 and a half hours before the alarm?

I don't know.

Maybe I've still not gotten used to sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my left side, but now it's all pierced, and I can't... Then again, it only strted a whle after I got my piercing (I think)... And anyway, why would that wake me up after 3-4 horus sleep?

This is fucking me up, I can feel it.
I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a...fraid.

*goes to doodle some more me-in-moose-suit and spaceships*

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 I'm agnostic actually, but whatever.    2002-12-30 05:24:54 ET
I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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 ::Dissolve::    2002-12-29 04:08:33 ET
Weird weekend.

I donno if I have the will to type it all down, just a few tidbits.

A) Thrusday. Kat Balu Club. EBM Floor + 2 Alt/Metal Floors. Many and Much alcohol.

B) Friday. Splitting Headache. Head pumping like a Terminal Choice song. Last time I drink Israeli clubs infamous vodka+rat poisoning cocktail.

C) Friday. Smirnoff Ice. Lilienblum 25 Club. Funker Vogt. Yeah. Did I have fun? Can anyone tell me?

D) Saturday. Visiting Grandma. Dad had a birthday this week, and so did my lil' goth cousin. She's 15. Listens to BlutEngel. I'm so proud. I told her I'd take her to get her vertical industrial at a piercer I know. ;) She's so way cooler than I am.

E) Saturday. Liron's place. watchin Not Another Teen Movie on the tely. I can only watch stupidly fun movies with Liron. ;)

F) Sunday. I hate Sundays. Can't believe the weekend is over.

G) Blah.

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