Christmas spirit and stuff.    2002-12-25 10:53:06 ET

If anyone wants to buy me shit, I set up some wishlists here, here, and here.


Coz buying me stuff is cool.

Anyway, so today was another lame-o regular day at work.
Only 2 things cheered me up.
A) It's Wednesday.
B) I got paid! No paycheck for me, oh no no. Friggin' 4760 nis cash money! Bloody hell.

I'm sorta tired, and I'm wondering if I want to go out or not. My friend Aya called and said she's going to the Comma 2 1984: Dark side of the eighties party... But... Argh... So.. Weak... Do I have the will to go out? Or not? The more I stare at this cursed screen, the less will I have. It's gonna be now or never. the next 5 minutes I'll decide.

Oh, I saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers yesterday. Fun movie. Anyone wanna go with me to New Zealand? It's so beautiful there...

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 Why, oh, why didn't I take the blue pill?    2002-12-24 05:01:36 ET
Mumble mumble mumble feelings of inadequecy mumble mumble self-consciousness mumble mumble discontent grumble mumble boredom mumble grumble grumble.

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 Supernaut    2002-12-23 03:42:22 ET
These are strange days.

I don't know exactly what. Something in the air maybe.

It's the first day of winter, and it actually seems to have calmed down a bit outside. Slight rain, but nothing like the windstorm we had this Friday.

This morning instead of work I went to a release party at my unit. We always have these extravagant grandiose release party's. Most normal unit's it's just pitas and humus, a few words, and back to work. For our unit.. Well, it takes hours. Speeches, and preparations, and presents, it's a whole ceremony.
Anyway, it was funny remembering that.
Three girls discharged, and did a choclate themed release party. You can't even imagine what was going on there... From the simpest Choclate balls, to Strawberry dipped in white and black cholcate ... Uuururrrrrrr

One of the girls discharging was Tamar, who I worked with most of my service. In the same room, in good times, and bad times, allnighters, alldayers, and allnighters again. I'm glad to see she's moving on. 3 years is a long time for girl to serve.

I saw some of the new kids... It's weird, I have nothing in common with them anymore.

of course I saw some old geezers like myself.. It's weird, I have nothing in common with them anymore.

;) They were all shocked by my "new" appearance (they didn't know me before the army). Piercings, sideburns, et al.

So now I'm at work, fiddling around with stuff.

I hate Mondays.

Now the dillema of the day: Go see LOTR2 with my sister, or go out to drink at The Hobby Electro night.

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 I did have the Sunday blues..    2002-12-22 04:43:11 ET
But then I saw this...:

Hahahaha! Brilliant.

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 +    2002-12-19 04:24:39 ET
My job has one advantage (besides being on the net all day).

I get to see some really nifty artwork.

Just for examples.

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