Addendum    2002-12-17 02:49:38 ET
I want it to be the weekend already.

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 Tuesdays suck ass.    2002-12-17 01:59:15 ET
But I bet you knew that.

Israeli workdays are Sunday-Thrusday.

Sunday - Too shocked that the weekend is over to comprehend the direness of the situation. It's like "Whuu? What am I doing up at these hours?"

Monday - The dreaded day of the week. Vague memories of the weekend, and yet, no hope for a bright future. At least it's usually a drinking night (no surprise).

Tuesdays - Just plain suck. Not even vague memories of better times.

Wednesdays - I just like those. Coz like, Thursday is the last day of the week, already, and it's like "Whoa! That's tomorrow!". Another good night to go out.

Thursdays - Last day of the week! W00t! *Anxiety*

Friday/Saturday - Drunken stupor.

That is all.

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 Recap    2002-12-15 01:21:13 ET
Okay. Hectic weekend galore.

The past few days have been like a rollercoaster ride, only fun.

Hmm... Well, lemme see

Thursday I rode off to Jerusalem, partied with my best friend Ariel for his 22nd birthday (I really need to get him on We drank and drank, saw Feldman, Moshe, Maayan, Gidon and a whole bunch of other names I haven't seen in ages and that don't mean dick to you guys, but this is my journal, so NA.
Feldman said he might drop by Tel-Aviv this week, I'll try n' catch him for some more alcohol consumption.
Okay, hmm.. Friday afternoon I went out with Liron for virtual shopping, coffee n' burgers in Tel Aviv. Yay! We stopped by Danny's (our piercer) studio. Seems my industrial is doing okay (w00t!).
Later that eve all hell broke loose, as I joined my girls Aya and Arianna and we went off to a Friday the 13th Vampire special at the local alternative club. We met up with Noa and Itay outside and drank some yummy alcoholic beverages.
Inside... Well, it's hard to recap, since I really drank a whole lot, but they did some nifty decorations, the music was awesome almost the whole night, and I danced around like there's no tomorrow. I really felt upbeat, which let me let loose and enjoy myself. I don't exactly know what was different - Probably it's all in my head - - but I think Friday was one of the best parties I've been too.
I'm thinking it's me though. Friday I was ... Different. Witty. Attractive. Cool. Brave.
I sort of felt good Thrusday night too, but not as intense. Could it be I'm developing an ego? It must be growing from all the alcohol I've been feeding it. Will next week be the same or will shy-self-conscious-insecure Shay strike back?
Stay tuned. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Saterday (err, yesterday) night I went with Liron to Guidance concert. Well, it way Guidance and Seek Irony, but we didn't stay for the latter. They obviously aren't as good.
Hmm.. Seeing as it's rather improbable I'll be going to an Alice in Chains concert ever (not only am I in Israel, but Layne Staley is quite dead), so I guess Guidance is a small, symbolic, local substitute. For now. ;) They're really not half-bad, they need moe originality, though.

So anyhow, I'm at work now, another week begins....

Full of surprises, I'm sure.

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 Stupor    2002-12-12 03:28:24 ET


yesterday after work I went to eat yummy hamburgers with my sister and her fiance in Tel-Aviv (yummmmmbugerssss), then I drove over to her ol' house, and helped her pack her computer. She's moving to a new apartment with him in Yaffo. So I backed up her shite, and carried them heavy computer peripherals to the car n' stuff. I also took my drawings that were hangin around her place for the past few months. She said she'd scan em' for me (they're too big for a standard scanner), but she never did. Bitch. Oo, I also took a box full of videos we lent her through the years (the joy of movies!! yes!).. I didn't take my CDs back though. I don't really listen to INXS much nowadays, and you have no idea the condition my Smashing Pumpkins doubleCD was in. She said that these CDs were used by her a security blanket. She'd sleep with em' n' stuff. Anyway, she said she'd buy me new ones (doubtful). Funny thing is, she bought me that CD, like, when I was 13 or something. ..
So.. then I helped her move the shtuff. Her new place is cool. Real big, tall cieling. Looks kinda like an art gallery/studio or something. lottsa open space.


So now I'm at work, passing time.

I can't believe Sunday it'll be almost a MONTH I've been working. Wow. Time flies when you compromise...

Tonight I go to Jerusalem and drink many and much for me best friend Ariel's birthday. jaaaaaaa

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ADDENDUM (15:41): Weird shit going on here. Some other girl working here as a maid or something got her bag stolen. FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. Someone just opened the door (it's always open), saw a bag, grabbed it, and left. Jesus fucking christ where has the world come too? *sigh*. Better her than me. Poor girl, though. She had her passport and shit there. She's not an Israeli citizen n' stuff (she's Swedish I think).. pretty crumby luck, she's only been working here a week or something...

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 OOOOOOoooo    2002-12-10 11:38:08 ET
Eran was over, we installed another 256mb ram on my machine.. And look! Photoshop AND Internet Explorer are open, and my computer hasn't slowed down to a crawl!! w00t!

We then discussed our evil ploy to take over the world. Uhm, then I ate some food, and now I'm no I think I've been on most of my waking hours today. :) *eep*. Even on crack you sometimes stop to rest.

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