Arbeit macht Frei    2002-12-08 04:02:56 ET
Okay, tasteless subject line. So sue me.

I'm at work, losing my mind. Just came back from a quicky lunch with ladyorion. My bastard boss only gives me half an hour lunch a day. It's pissing me off. If only I had an hour.. I could go to the beach (It's 5 minutes away), and lay about for twenty minutes... But like this, it's just.. ugh... no time no time no time...

Even though he's not here most of the time, I still feel uncomfortable being late from lunch. Since I'm surfing and d/ling of kazaa all day long anyway, it's not like my productivity is way up there anyway...



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 Okay, last time I surf before going to sleep    2002-12-08 00:53:02 ET
I had a dream with some members in it.

Bloody hell, no wonder I woke up 6:00 with a cold sweat ;)

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 Never-Neverland    2002-12-07 11:48:40 ET
Woke up today 17:00 by a phone call from Ladyorion. I fell asleep around 8:30, after partying last night, I came home, srufed the web a bit, then crawled into my bed and watched Powerpuff Girls till I fell asleep. I think that's the best way to watch that show. Slightly drunk, dead tired, in 8:00 o'clock in the morning. It gains a certain... Epistemological aspect. :) Nevermind.

I dreamed. I hardly ever dream (or, rather, I hardly ever remember). I'm not sure what the narrative was, only that the cast included people from far away places in my life... People from my class in highschool. Not necessarily people I'm still in touch with. Even some people I was never in touch with. I'm really not certain what was going on there, but after waking up, getting ready for Liron and Anat to drop by, I dusted out my highschool yearbook.
One of the posts was written by a guy who used to be sort of a friend of mine. I haven't seen him in about two years. Even when we were buds, we wouldn't go out, exactly. We'd mainly hang out in school, and talk about music and go to art class together. He wrote something very touching, it's hard to translate, so bear with me:

Everyone has in their head a stockfull of low-budget films. Most people call them memories.
Not always do these movies supply the goods: Too often the Direction is sloppy, the script is holed like a swiss cheese and the acting is amateuristic.
But under the weight of a trite day, who of us doesn't like to pour into a couch, rewind the tape and press PLAY.
I think one day I'll iron the memories, fold the real neatly into the closet.
But for now, I'm comfortable that things stay as they are: The memories are placed messily on the bed and I can pick up any one of them whenever I feel like it.

It's weird for me, that I have these 21-odd years of memories in my head. Different times, different places, different people.

Maybe it's time I tidy up my closet?
I honestly don't know.

 By the way    2002-12-06 19:16:40 ET
This is a great song.

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We missed you, Billy.

 Ultrasex    2002-12-06 18:55:23 ET
Ahhh...What a night.

Who knew I was still capable of enjoying myself so much? (only thing is, I missed my friends Liron and Noa . . Why didn't you come?? Grr).

Anwho, it was a great night. I was *happy camper* drunk, people around were in a good mood, music was good in the electro room (it started out stinky 80's, and slightly too much Depeche Mode, but quickly moved on to Funker, Solitary Experiments, and all things good and fun), I popped up a bit in the britpop/indy room (hooray for Bloodhound Gang and The Strokes, ;)), and I did my weekly tour of the alternative/metal room. That was sheer funness! I haven't had that much fun in a while. I fell on some great tunes (Mindless Self Indulgence! w00t!) and I fooled around a bit with a pretty girl ;)

That's it for me now.


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