Another day in the life of...    2002-12-05 00:09:14 ET
Yay, weekened is nearrrrrrrrrr..!

I gotta say, if only two weeks ago I didn't feel anything towards the weekend (something I found odd at the time), work certainly makes weekends look brighter. I don't even think I'm gonna do much this weekend. I'm in no mood to party. Maybe sleep some, go visit some friends, and do horrible things to my internal organs.

..And yet, I'm so glaaaad. Cheerful maybe is the right word. You appreciate free time so much more when you have less of it, it's uncanny.

Tonight? Who knows. Maybe get that old army bud from yesterday over. Maybe not.

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 Day in, day out    2002-12-04 13:37:13 ET
Welp, so that was Wednesday huh?

I really wanted to og to sleep early today, and was shit tired before, but I guess that ain't going to happen.

Worked my daily grind, then I rode home. Almost fell asleep on the wheel (yay). I was supposed to meet up with an old army bud, but I sorta ditched him for coffee with Noa. It's just...uhhh.. I don't have the will to see these people, I guess.

I was also supposed to go to this Hanucka shindig my ex-unit arranged Monday, and I sort of let myself ditch them too.. It was convenient. I abused alcohol and soft drugs. I sorta felt rotten about that later on, especially since The Balcony was kinda boring... I dunno.

So anyway, when I got home I fell asleep on the sofa for 3/4 of an hour, woke up, drove and picked up Noa, then we went to Herzeliya and picked up Liron and Coby, and we went for corporate-scumm coffee at Starbucks. 2 hours, a few laughs and a pack of chips later, I'm home, sitting in front of this screen, wishing I were either dead or asleep (but, alas, I am neither).

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 Ahhhhhhhh    2002-12-04 00:34:14 ET
It's sold out!



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 I am too scared to close my eyes.    2002-12-02 06:38:10 ET
Another day at work coming to an end.

God, time does go by when your doing absolutly nothing.

Welp, anyways, it's been a hectic weekend, and in good tradition, tonight's no different. I'm gonna meet up with some friends, then I'm gonna go to this shindig my ex-army unit arranged (sweet of them to invite me, even though I'm just a reserve now), and then there's this 3-year annerversary party to the electro line at this pub we always go to...

So, yeah. More alcohol in my veins, more ways to forget! Joy!

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Legion ::

 Ahhh fuck    2002-12-01 06:26:43 ET
I just hit my piercing really hard.

It still hurts goddamnit.

:: Listening to BlutEngel - Seelenschmerz ::

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