Shlump    2002-12-01 03:05:24 ET
Yes, strange noiseee subjects are fun.

Well, I'm at work, not working (yay). Woke up really early. 5:20 (= 3 hours sleep). I donno why. 2 hours before the alarm. Insomnia is fun. (yay losin my mind). Then I put my car in the car hospital (he's better now, they released him already) coz his brakes started making cranky sounds. Then I went with my dad to his office, we had one of those "life? where to?" chats in the car. I like talking to my dad. He's really smart. And understanding. And caring.
I <3 you pa!
Anywho, so now I'm sorta better, I guess. Until I start thinking of utter misery again. I need to occupy myself with other things... Yes... Like pharmecueticals.

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Legion ::

 *shaking*    2002-11-30 13:19:33 ET
Got back from watching the new James Bond film. Surprisingly, it didn't suck at all. I actually enjoyed it. Definately the best one of the contemporary ones, possibly the best one of em' all. Good camerawork, some interesting contempo-action speed-filming/editing (Matrix stlye), along with some nice effects, a semi-good plot (well, it's still only James Bond) and some good ol' post-modern ars poetics (they did quite a few homage to themselves in this one).

But anyway, that's not what I wanted to write down.

I'm feeling sad.

In fact, I'm shaking.

I don't know what's wrong with me.
Somebody, anybody, please shove me or hug me. Possibly both.
I'm going to sleep before this gets any worse.

 Big Schproingle    2002-11-30 06:00:51 ET

17:58. Just got up. Head Hurts. Lots of alcohol last night.

Not that much fun last night, anyway.


Might go to a movie later.

That is all.

:: Iggy Pop - Lust for Life ::

P.S. you know you wanna wake up with this song.

 Last nite... She said... Oh baby don't feel so down...    2002-11-29 09:21:04 ET
Well, yeah.

I went to an alternative club last night. Alternative, as in Grunge/Metal, not the usual EBM/Industrial (which I'm going to tonight).

I gotta say, I had fun.

I'm not sure it was because I was really having fun from the party, or cause I kept rememebering old times... It's been a long time since I considered myself a grunge kid or a metalhead (damn, time sure goes by), but I still enjoy the classics (most nu-metal makes me wanna vomit out of my ass). The playlist was kinda dull though. It seems all the nukids don't appreciate the ol' stuff except the really really popular hits. I mean, come on, if you're gonna put a Soundgarden track, for fuck's sake, don't put on Blackhole Sun. Anything but Blackhole Sun. Nevermind.

I think I might go there once in two months or so, just to clean my head. Too much EBM isn't healthy. (And it's fun to release some angst by jumping up n' down).

:: Listening to: Waldgeist - In Einer Dunklen Nacht ::

 You won't believe    2002-11-28 09:13:07 ET
what I found laying in the street.

A turntable deck and a tuner+amp deck!

How can you throw away something that can play vinyl???

It seems too small for regular sized LPs (only those smaller ones I think can fit), but I really don't think I care. I haven't checked to see if it actually works, but from what I could tell just from looking at it, it seems functional (or close to functional)...

Cool, eh?

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