You Hobo humpin' slobo bitch    2002-11-21 15:56:10 ET
Just came back from Jerusalem. Boy, that was fun. I haven't had this much fun since Pompeii. Liya sorta stood me up, but luckily, I had a contingency plan. Namely: friends, booze and illegal and semi-legal substances (No matter what they say I prefer tha green over tha brown). I saw lottsa people I haven't seen in ages.. And I got sorta happy-drunk.
My friend Udi has moved to Ramat HaSharon! W00t! I can't wait to drag him to The Balcony Pub Monday! Yay! (I might even get him on bwahahahaha. We'll see).

On totally different news, it seems I found a job. Some son-of-my-parents-friend has a gallery in New York, which he manages from an apartment in Tel-Aviv, via the internet. I'm not exactly sure what the job's demands are, but it's something along the lines of making sure links are alive and stuff like that. I hope it won't be too much of a bore-o-rama, but anyways it sounds totally easy. 4000 NIS Net., plus some sort of extra bus/gas money, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Anyway, so I'm supposed to go there Sunday and learn the ropes.
I'm thinking jobs are like chicks. When you don't got one, it's a desert wasteland. When you got one, they just keep a comin'. Not two hours after I got this job (via phone interview.. He sounded impressed), my dad gave me a number of the CEO of Iridium. They're into mobile satellite communications. Not exactly my field of expertise, but it sounds like they'd probably pay more ;) . . I dunno. I wanna first check this Art Gallery out. Anyways I'll give em' a call, just to check out what they're looking for. They're also closer to my home, which is a plus. Then again, they're probably gonna want me to dedicate time n' effort n' stuff to em'.. Something I don't really have/want to give. What I'm really doing is taking a half-year anti-sabbatical. I want to save up around 6000$ USD and get the fuck outta here. (USA! USA! USA!)
And on that note, I think I'll go to sleep.

 Tank Girl!    2002-11-21 06:04:47 ET

?How Industrial Are You?

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I got the Tank Girl comics with this on the cover.

Oh, and this quiz sucks. I'm no rivet.

     2002-11-21 02:07:39 ET
Woke up early today, and went to the doctor's office. I have this inflamation in my elbow. Seems infected, too. The inefficient bastards barely let me in, since my file wasn't moved to Hod Hasharon from Jerusalem, seeing as I was in the army. They said I should have brought my discharge certificate. All the crap that they've been sending me in the mail and nagging me on the phone, not once did they mention I need to bring my release certificate. Blach.
Anyways, so I gotta take antibiotics, 4 times a day. This, and the fact that there was a major terrorist attack this morning, sort of puts a downer on the whole Thursday Night Happy Hour Madness I was planning on in Jerusalem. We'll see if I still go for it.
Yesterday night I didn't do much, after debating with myself I decided I wasn't going to go out, since I wasn't feeling too hot for it. Around 1:00 o'clock I logged on to IRC, and Liron invited me over to her place. We talked for a while, and then I went back home.
I started feeling sorta blue.. Low self-esteem and other such head-meat-illnesses... Before I started digging too deep I just decided to go to bed.. So I did.
I sometimes feel like there's so much emotional shit buried underneath this thin epidermis of rationalle.. Everytime I scratch the surface, I bleed some emo out.
And it hurts. It cuts like a knife straight through my heart.
.. .. Then I go back to the Safe Haven of Not-Dealing.

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 Okay, so I did the stupid Hello Kittie quiz    2002-11-18 04:53:39 ET
YESSSSSS. I knew this would be the result.

what fucked version of hello kittie are you?

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 Guards foil hijack attempt on Israeli El Al Flight    2002-11-17 11:33:36 ET
a little over two hours ago an Israeli Arab Muslim stood up on an El Al flight and attempted to hijack the plane destined for Istanbul, Turkey with a pocket knife.

Luckily El Al has security personnel on every flight.

This world of ours is going to hell.

Still the safest way to travel?

For more details, you can go here.

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