Bored out of my skull    2002-10-29 08:03:16 ET
I wonder if this is how post-army, pre-job life is?

I gotta do something before I explode....

But then, on the other hand, I don't feel like doing anything.

Sooooo frustrating.

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 Life is, on occasions good.    2002-10-28 15:46:31 ET
Munching on Salt n' Vinegar Pringles. Yum.

 Ich Bin Industrial    2002-10-28 15:23:29 ET
Welp, just got back from The Balcony with Liron, Anat and Noa.. Twas a fruitful day, all n' all.
I got my Industrial (which kinda hurts right now. Bummer), I hanged out with Ariel and Liron, I hanged out in de Balconia with the usual gang of idiots, and, well, life is good. Only bad thing today (well, besides the pain) is that I found out that the girl who has been occupying my dreams since Friday has a boyfriend... *sigh* Ho, well, back to the old drawing board...

:: Listening to: Tok Tok vs. Sofy O - Missy Queens Gonna Die ::

 Industry's finest!    2002-10-28 10:30:11 ET
I did it! Still kinda sore, but luckily it only took a few seconds. Ariel and Liron, thanks for being there for moral support (Well, I'm thinking Liron also took some sick pleasure in watching, but I know for a fact Ariel didn't.. :))
If you're interested, there's pictures here and here (Oooh, I look so spaced out). [Don't worry kiddies: Nothing gory in these pictures. I don't like that shit either. There are more pictures, but I won't link em' here.]

Anyways, my sister is nagging me to get off the computer, plus I think I should probably go get ready. Liron is picking me up, and we're going to the Balcony. Yay!

I think Tomorrow I'll go to Jerusalem. We'll see.

:: Listening to: Sono - Keep Control ::

 Me pictors.    2002-10-27 13:00:52 ET
I've decided it's about time I let you guys know how I look. I uploaded two pics of me to the first gallery. Images are favourably distorted to avoid people contorting in horror at the sight of their soon-to-be ultimate leader.

We do this, because we can.


:: Listening to: Neuroticfish - Prostitute ::

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