Baby's got a crush    2002-10-26 08:18:19 ET
Last night was a great party... Besides the good music, I think I might've met someone... *blush* . . I'm so bad at these things. I don't think I've ever actually come on to a girl in a club.. It seems so... Fake. I dunno. So unnatural. But.. there was this girl... I didn't really make my move, except dance a bit with her and talk a bit.. MMmmmm... And she seemed interested (or just polite..?) . . I'm such a weakling. I should have asked for her phone. Or asked her to come out and talk a bit (I dunno how you're supposed to talk to someone with Funker Vogt in the background)... Or danced a little closer.. Maybe try and kiss her... Or something. Ugh. I'm so disappointed with myself.
At least I think she's a regular (I haven't seen her before, but she seemed to know everyone), so maybe she'll be back next week...

:: Listening to: Fischerspooner - Emerge ::

 Europa    2002-10-26 07:03:48 ET
Time I update on my adventures since Amsterdam.

Well, since this was the third time I've visited the netherlands, we decided it ws about time:
A) We took some shrooms (not easy to come by in Israel) and
B) We leave Amsterdam.
I know that city by heart already.
So we took a train to Rotterdam. Now THAT was good fun.
Rotterdam is a beautiful city. There's the old Dutch style buildings, and then there's a whole new stylish centre of town. It's all designed very modern, and everything is really neat. Of course they have bie routes on the streets, and a cute little metro system. Anyways, it well worth a visit. We stayed at the city youth hostel, and were bunk buddies with these two French Canadian metalheads. They were a rather funny couple. While they went to see Cannibal Corpse concert, we went to this amazing cinemma theatre, built like a cube on it's side in this big balnk concrete field with lighting coming out from the floor, and these huge .. err. storks from each corner of the field lighting the central building... Well, anyway you gotta see it. We saw The Bourne Identity, which was surprisingly good (well, I didn't expect much). On a biggie screen, the kind you got plenty in the US, and we got none in Israel, ooooh, and no intermission either (yay!).

After Rotterdam we took a train back to Amsterdam, and from there a bus to Edam. Edam is a small town you might know for it's famous Edam Cheese. So tranquil... Ahhh...
I couldn't live there, but the peace of mind you get from staying there for a while was well worth it. We stayed at this old lady's bed & breakfast, and walked around town all day. Very green, very dutch.
After a couple of days of cheese eating and smoking in nature, we returned to Amsterdam for our last day. I bought me a Venus Fly trap. He's called Seymour. Then we flew back to israel.. Which brings us back to where we are now.

 I'm going to bed...    2002-10-24 16:23:39 ET
I'll tell ya all about my adventures soon...

I'm feeling VERY weird.

Might have to do with this being the first night I haven't been drunk/stoned/both in almost a month....

Anyway, for me crew, thanks for being here .. I know you've been waiting for this... I now present...:

 I'm baaaaaaack!!!    2002-10-24 10:08:34 ET
Not only am I back home (more on that later), but I'm back on!! Yay!

I'm terribly sorry for the mess and for misbehaving.

Sykospark and m0xie, I fall on my knees and kiss thy asses many and much, thanks infinitly for the understanding! (won't happen again!)


 Am Am Amsterdam    2002-10-15 11:33:13 ET
Ooooooooooo I'm having fun.

It was sad for me to leave Scotland, ceoz I really loved the plkace, but now that I'm in Amsterdam, I don't really mihnd. Much. About anything. :)

Right now I'm sitting at The Doors Pub and Coffee Shop, stoned and drunk out of my ass, having a blast. The guys here were playing Nirvana, Body Count, and some other hard rock n'stuff, and then they suddenly put Ministry: Land of rape & honey, which I immidietly recognized, so I started asking if the6y like Industrial n'stuff. (Oh, this is the time to mention that they were these two raving dutch lunatics, who were jumping on each other like maniacs to the sound of territorial pissing). And they were like, "Yah! Cool!!!". So we started talkin, and so I gave em'my burnt CD, which contains a track by Observe and Control and they were like "GIVE ME.". So I took his email n'stuff.
anywaY GOTTA GO!
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