Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, free at last.    2002-09-22 03:48:16 ET

שורו, הביטו, וראו, מה גדול היום הזה, היום הזה.

 Any SK.neters from Europe?    2002-09-21 10:31:55 ET
See, I'm going to Europe (well, England, Scottland and Holland) this October. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good festivals/concerts/cool places to go and such and wants to share. . . ?

I'll keep bothering you people till you answer, damnit! :)

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Darkangel ::

 Grrr    2002-09-20 19:01:45 ET
There is almost nothing as mundane and conventional, yet so distressing as getting one's wallet stolen.

More on this when I wake up.

:: Listening to: Absolutely nothing. It's 07:01 in the morning for god's sake!

 I love Snoopy!    2002-09-20 08:10:31 ET

What cartoon dog are you?

Confession: I used to sleep with a Snoopy doll till I was about 8.

     2002-09-20 07:33:37 ET
It's 19:17 here, and I just woke up. I can hear my sister from the other room watching The Weakest Link with that Brittish witch. My parents are still abroad, and the place looks like a mess.
I take a look around my room. On the floor there the usual mess (bangles, cellphone,bag), but alongside them there's a new mess. I see my personal file from the army. I see the little note which says I must re-asign myself to the Tel HaShomer base, for discharge. I look at my open closet, and see a whole bunch of uniform-suits hanging (I didn't even wear them that much. They look brand new). To the other side I see my personal-personal file, with all my personal stuff, like my presidential excellence award certificate, all the courses I did in the army certificates, my school finals results. . . And the CV I've started putting together. On the floor besides the mess I see two pouches with an ISTA logo on them. These are me and my best friends' air tickets to Europe. Right beside it, is a phonelist of my unit. I need to call some other people who are discharging soon. We've got to get our release party ready.
With a glance, I see all the angles in my life crossing. This is the junction. Physically, in my room, between past, present and future.
I look around, and I'm terrified. It's a comforting sort of terror. Silently, I've been waiting for this for the past 3 years. Yet I find that something is blocking me. I'm not sure what it is, but I know there must be a reason why I haven't got my release party ready, why I haven't put all my uniforms in their kitbag, why I haven't finished my CV, and actually started looking for a job,
... And why everything is just laying around on the floor.

I suppose tomorrow is when I'm going to start dealing. I'm going to try and give myself today (or, rather, tonight) off.

That's it, for now.

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