I am drunk, and I think kinda sick too.    2002-09-19 16:07:44 ET
The word which comes to mind to describe my current disposition is "blah".

So today I went to the army in de morgen, and did a sign-out-tour-de-force. That is, you go around and get all your signatures from the different departments in HQ. This is usually beurocratc hell, but it only took me like 3 hours to finish. (At the time, signing in took 2 whole days). Then I went to ISTA to pay and take my plane ticket.
(side note: This is about when I heard there was a bombing in Tel-Aviv. Old news by now. We have a news cycle which lasts about an hour and a half, it's fucking amazing. Blah).
So after some more beurocratic hell at ISTA, I finally managed to get my return ticket to London/Amsterdam (they didn't have my in-between flight from London to Amsterdam, of course, even though on the phone she said they did). Grrr. ISTA are bitches.
So uhm, later I went to this party at my former-commanders house. It was on the roof, and there was lottsa lottsa good expensive alcohol. I don't really remember what I drank right now, but it most definately included several types of whiskey, vodka and beer. baaa. Did I mention I ate nothing all day long? Uhm, so Noa nagged me to come to the industrial party at the Kat-Balu, so I went, drank some more, and slowly but surely started feeling really bad. It's as if the way I felt was inversely proportional to the quality of the music. It's a shame because the music was really getting to be good by the time I couldn't take it anymore. (director's note: by now I was sitting half laying on a bench with my hand squishing my tempels, bearly moving). Blah. This is what you get for consuming nothing but alcohol on a loooong beurocracy-and-sunshine filled day. So anyway, by about 3:00 o'clock or so, I split home.
So uhm, that pretty much sums it up..
Oh, Noa, sometimes I just don't get you.
Why did you pressure me to come to the Kat Balu, and then give me nasty remarks and/or ignore me the whole evening? Were you depressed? Was it so I could loan you money at the entrance? Did I offend you somehow?? If not, then please accept this hearty "fuck you too". We've already been through this, I think. I don't appreciate being treated like dirt. Don't kick a man when he's already down.

I honestly just don't get you.

Well blah then, I'm off to sleep... I thin I'm supposed to meet an old school friend tomorrow at Tel-Aviv.. I hope I wake up. I hope I don't die in a ball of flame.

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 This dumbass quiz. Damn you Melissa! :)    2002-09-19 07:19:05 ET
name: Shay
loc: Israel
sex: male
AIM: Telecart1
eyes: yes
hair: that too.

[ sex stuff ]
are you a virgin: nope
how many times have you had sex: not enough.

[ love ]
are you in love: I wish! :/
do you have a bf/gf: The position's open.

[ friendships ]
best friends: Ariel and Moshe. Both I've known most my life (don't see them enough though!).
I find it difficult to label a friend as "best" if I don't know em' for over a decade. :)
good friends: Quite a few. Tough thing to keep in touch with everybody, since they're all in different social circles... :(

[ have you ever ]
drank: I've been drinking pretty much regularly for the last 5 years or so.
smoked: yup
kissed the same sex: No more then a peck on the cheek, no.
kissed the opposite: yes
skinnydipped: Yup. *eyes roll*
broke a bone: Nope. I be uber strong boned.
failed a class: Not possible in my school. I learned in an arsty-farsty semi-democratic "understanding environment" special kinda school or whatever.
thought you were gonna die: Constantly. I live in Israel, which is cursed with suicide bombers, 3 year compulsory army service (fuck knows how many times I've dodged stray bullets), and really bad drivers.
killed someone: not directly, no.
cried over a boy/girl: It happens. I'm very emotional when it comes to these things.
had a death in the family: Grandparents and such. Nothin' special.
ran around nude: Well, not actual "running"...
talked on the phone for more then 5 hours: phones are evil.

[ status ; right now ]
wearing: not much at all... ;)
eating: nope
talking to: myself
phone with: no one.
time: 19:21
drinking: nothin' now.
listening to: Pirated music from the 'net. Muhahaha.

[ when was the last time you... ]
smiled?: I smile all the time.
laughed?: a real good laugh? yesterday. Slight giggles? all the time.
cried?: about two weeks ago.
bought something?: Got me a nice Radiation tee when I met up with Liron uhm... Maybe a week ago..?
were sarcastic?: I'm almost never anything else
kissed someone?: Friday, two weeks ago.
watched your favorite movie?: Hmmm. Probably about a month ago.
reading books
last book you read: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
last movie you saw: xXx with Vin Diesel
last song you heard: Squarepusher - Love Will Tear us Apart
last thing you had to drink: Coke.
last time you showered: this morning
last thing you ate: munchies.

[ do you... ]
smoke?: Not regularly.
have sex?: Haven't we discussed this?
play an instrument?: Bass Guitar, a bit of classic guitar, some piano too.
read the newspaper?: I avoid it, but I suppose I probably read one about once a week.
have any gay or lesbian friends?: a few
believe in miracles?: Define "miracle". Sometimes the fact that I bother waking up is a miracle, according to my mother.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: I think marriage (and monogamy, in general) is a concept that was thought up when men lived an average 30 years or so, women less. We live too long for love.
consider yourself tolerant of others?: I'm willing to accept anyone that doesn't intentionally bother me.
like the taste of alcohol?: I've been drinking pretty much daily for the last month or so, so I guess, yeah.
have a favorite candy?: Jelly snakes and all things with caramel and nougat goodness.
believe in love?: I really want to.
pray?: No.
go to church?: I'm not christian.
have any secrets?: Don't we all..? Hmmm... Uhm... Actually, nothing comes to mind. Probably things I'm embarrased of. You know, the contemporary averageman's true goal is to live through his entire life without being embarrased.
have any pets?: Nope.
do well in school?: I've finished school.
go to or plan to go to college?: I'll be heading to college or university I suppose sometime within the next 5 years, yes.
have a major?: Major Shlomo Elboim, my ex-commander, yes. :)
talk to strangers who instant message you?: Yes. Even if they're obviously bots.
wear hats?: Not for the fun of it, no.
have any piercings?: Not yet.
have any tattoos?: :/ Not yet. I need a good idea damnit!
have an obsession?: Oh, boy.
collect anything?: The skulls of those unfortunate basatards I find in dark alleys and eat for breakfast the day after.
wish on stars?: If only once one these piece of crap "believing" in stuff would actually work, I might start. (I'm agnostic, can you tell?)
like your handwriting?: Hell no. I can bearly read.
have any bad habits?: A few im sure
care about looks?: Looks (or, rather, aesthetics) are very important. If I were an employer, and I had two candidates, with the exact same "technical" aptitude, but one was more clean, tidy, hygenic, aestheticly appealing, well-dressed, etc., I would certainly choose him. There's nothing wrong with that.

 Banananananana!!!!!!    2002-09-18 12:55:42 ET
Heh go download this (as long as my site's still up).
You know you want to.

Total Eclipse: Spreading fine art and propaganda since 1981.

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 If the milk turns out to be sour, I ain't the kinda pussy to drink it.    2002-09-18 07:17:12 ET
TV is evil. Turned a good movie like Lock Stock into... MMmm brrr... Cheesy Poofs for the Masses. Yes. They put it on too many times! I hate TV. I shouldn't allow myself to watch movies on TV. I indulged yesterday night on some Lock, Stock and then Jackie Brown on the tely. Of course, it sucked. Watching anything on the TV sucks. I should restrict myself to watching cartoons and OZ on the TV, and thassit. I try too... And usually I'm successful (I can go weeks on end with no TV) but I've been having these insomnia periods of late... And it helps me sleep... And it's easier than reading a book (or comics)...

I need to read more. Yes. Reading is good. I'm in the middle of, like, 5 different things, and not going anywhere fast in either of em'. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Err.. Yeah.

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 Crock will eat itself    2002-09-17 16:22:17 ET
Why am I not asleep? What sort of demon-monkey invented these goddamn computers I can't get myself away from??? Arrrgh. :must sleep:

Ehh, go see his page. He's my new Minion-of-Darkness-and-Bananas. Yesssss.

*Falling asleep face down on keyboard* *yawn*

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