Questions are a burden. Answers a prison for oneself.    2002-09-15 06:07:43 ET
Damn. I just woke up. It's 18:02 here, and it's Yom Kippur eve. That means I can't really leave the house. Not that I really have anywhere to go. But... blaaaaah. I was kinda hoping a friend of mine would jump by in the morning and we'd finish connecting my computers in a network + get my scanner up and running. Then at least I'd have stuff to do during this goddamn yom kippur. Brrrrrrrrr.
I've also been having the weirdest McGoohan-quoting e-mailing-extravaganza with
Observe & Control's Gnuth. He's a nice guy, and he's obviously a Prisoner fan like myself. Heh. Cool.

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 I see with the eyes of a hunter    2002-09-14 09:31:02 ET
Uhm yeah, so today I was at my uncle's. He had a birthday, and there was this family shindig. It was actually kinda fun. I met up with my getting-ever-more-cool cousin. She's only like 14 or 15 or something and she's totally into good music (I don't even own a Mindless Self Indulgence CD). Her elder brother (he's 18) is now in Amsterdam, and we all had a good laugh at him oh-so-obviously-smoking-pot. (I wonder, when I flew to Amsterdam when I was 17, did my family get together and giggle about me too? That's sick!)..

Mmmm. Going to see xXx in half an hour with an old friend. Hope it doesn't suck.

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 Everytime I close my eyes, the noise inside me amplifies    2002-09-14 09:23:26 ET
I wrote such a nice chubby post, and it suddenly disappeared. Argh.

Anyway , so , uhm, yesterday had all the makings of a great day. But it wasn't great. It sucked.
Afternoon I went to this comics fare thingie with Lady Orion. It was this small crowded stand with some rarities, though not too much. Not enough Slave Labor for my liking, but I still coughed out 100 sheqels on John Mueller's Blood and Circus. I already have the first Oink series in a book I bought at Lambiek's last time I was in Amsterdam. (I'm definately going there again this October).
Anyways, so later we had some tea (yeah, ice tea :) ) at Starblachs, and I was off home. Yadda yadda yadda, tried connecting my computers in a network (did I lot of tangly work so I won't hafta dig holes in the walls, or have wires all over the house) but I ain't done yet. Later I met up with a friend of mine who came for a visit from Jerusalem (seems his girlfriend is outta the country, so he can spare time for as weee mortal friends). Did a lotta catchin' up. We met at the Mike's Place (didn't see Olorin though!), but then went out to the beach for some beers, amarettos, and to smoke some. By 1:00 I found myself at the Lilienblum (as usual). There was this weird vibe in the air. Everybody was drunk and uhhh.. Physical. Yeah. Made me kinda blue though. It might've been alcohol-weed-poppers induced, but I felt like the insecure, self-conscious low-self-esteem kid I was when I was 14. There was this girl who was blatantly coming on to me, and all I could physically do was run away. For no apparent reason. Blah. I need a girlfriend.
Besides that, I also had to drag a friend home (not two hours after she told me to fuck off). Yay me. I'm such a good samaritan. I hate this.

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 Bill Gates!! *Shakes fist in air!*    2002-09-12 17:50:09 ET
The weirdest thing. when I type " " in my explorer, it thinks for a sec, and *poof* kills iexplore. If I do the same via everything works dandy. explain this to me. I uninstalled netscape (which I just installed yesterday. ugh. my page looks weird in it) thinking it had something to do with it (I got a weird jvm.dll error when trying to open the same page in netscape, and netscape *poofed* on me too).. I'm gonna try uninstalling java run time thingamajig... but damn.. this is soo freaky. Last resort would be to uninstall Internet Explorer 6 SP1.. but I really think that would probably uninstall the whole iexplorer... grrrrrrr this is so twisted. I tried doing an installrepair on internet explorer 6 sp1 but it didn't seem to do much..

Anyone has any ideas before I freak??

 I woke up at 18:45    2002-09-12 07:22:52 ET
Instead of 8:20. I was supposed to go to the army today, for the last time. I actually don't have to go anymore at all, I have enough vacation-days, but I wanted to go to get stuff for my release party together, and coz they asked real nice for me to be in some discussion-meeting-thingie. Ho, well, screw em'. I gotta call some people, see what's up with our release party n' stuff. I really wanna make it a cool one, but I don't think I have the will to invest any real effort in it. Baah.

On other amusing news, I'm pretty sure my friend Ariel, whom I'm flying with (he's actually flying a week before me, 27th of Sep.) called earlier. He said something about him putting his passport in some box in the postoffice-bank to get it a longer validation date... And I'm like. "Whuu? blarf?" I was totally asleep. I really hope he gets it back in a few days, but that doesn't seem entirely likely, since there's holidays right after the weekend... And he needs the passport to get his flight tickets! (not to mention, actually going on the plane!) I have no idea why anyone in his right mind would give a perfectly good passport away two weeks before he's supposed to be on a plane. He's lost his mind (see, kids, don't drink n' smoke). I just hope they don't go on strike or anything.

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