So cyber    2002-09-11 16:11:20 ET
Heh. Check dis out. A work in process.

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 In the age of superboredom    2002-09-09 17:18:53 ET
The subject of this post is dedicated with a warm " ;P lol " to Noa. Quit using the same goddamn subject line for every post! You ... you... megalomaniac, you. ;)

Anyway.. so here's today ... uhm, it's 05:05 here, so forgive me for all the shite and typos bound to occur... Well, I went to work.. possibly for the last time. It was really amusing, when I left I was like "So, uh, catch ya later" and my section were like "Uhh.. Shay, isn't that a bit cold? This is probably your last time here n' all.." And I was like "Uhh... Ooh, yeah, so uhm, yeah, I'll see ya next week, don't worry uhm, yeah, I'll be here again, this isn't our goodbyes yet, yadda yadda yadda" and left..
It's weird, they moved my subfolder on the server to "reserved" subfolder... So sad.. How days of glory pass...
On other news, I fixed my flight plan, due to Vered's suddenly telling me I can't stay at her bros. place in Milan (GRRRRRR).. So I'm flying 3/10 to London, stay in London for a day or two, then I'm off to Scottland, back to London.. 14th catch a flight to Amsterdam, and 24th back to Israel. Pheew. I'm glad that's over and my tickets will be here in like a week. Weeeee. So much joy, and happiness. *shanti* *shanti*.
Later on I got home, worked on a pretty picture I drew.. I'll post it sometime later I suppose. .. When suddenly my sister arrived, bringing along with her from the airport my oldest sister and her new boyfriend-fiance. I met him. He's nice. We approve. It's so cool. Eep!
Anyways, she brought me lottsa stufff...We like stufff.. She got me a digital camera, and some comics (vi va le Slave Labor Graphics!).. uhm.. some yummy US snacks (Goddamnthem, why can't they bring normal Dorritos to Israel???)... So, uhm, we had like dinner n' stuff, and my parents gave my sis' boyfriend the 3rd degree. It was hysterical.. I really tried not laughing. They were liek stereotypical Polish parents, giving him gestapo-method inquisition. Lol... So later on I drove em' home to Tel-Aviv, and went to the local pub (The Balcony).. At first no1 was there but me and the DJ. and a whole bunch of unknowns.. I thought I stepped into a parallel dimension, and #metal from IRC were sitting at our pub! It was orrible. Then everyone arrived, and I figured I just came in early. :) .. . Damn I gotta stop smoking in public places... Sheesh. These people I hang out with have no shame. Ho well. So I'm high n' drunk, and ready for bed.. G'night everyone *Kisses Mr. Bear*

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 I'm as cool as Kim Deal.    2002-09-08 14:34:23 ET
In Heaven.
You're mysterious, picky, and a bit aloof. Some people say you have a very cheery personality, but it's hard to say because you mask your emotions behind dark pretenses. You enjoy watching obscure movies and going to plays, but by the end of the day you're usually too wound-up by the ironies of your life to relax.
Which Pixies song are you?


 Uhm.. Wow.    2002-09-08 07:31:40 ET
My sister just called from New York. She's getting married. w0w.

 Heh. Beer. Cool.    2002-09-08 06:43:54 ET

What lesser-known Simpsons character are you?

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