All so surreal    2002-09-07 08:31:17 ET
Bah. Me and my sister just had a traumatic experience with a rotten watermelon. I won't gross you out too much, but thee were yells such as "Aghh!! I've been contaminated! Detox! Detox!" and "Where's the silkwood??".


Vered from my unit called, to say I won't be able to stay at her brother's apartment in Milan. Big bummer. She's such a screw-up, it's really annoying. Now I'll hafta call Monday and change all my flight arrangements.. I don't think I got the cash to stay out there and pay living expenses. :(

Anyone wanna meet me in Europe someplace else? :)

:: Listening to: Absurd Minds - Deception (E-Craft mix) ::

 blah.    2002-09-07 06:45:37 ET
Ugh. Head. Hurts.

Well, I survived last night's terror. Got home 'bout 00:00, got myself together. Went to the Lilienblum 25. The music wasn't too hot, until Dj Erez went up. I can't hear Enola Gay any more. No more! No more I tell you! Ugh. Then Erez put lottsa Hocico and g00t stuff. It was my bud Sheqse's birthday.. And there was a beer-vodka-cola spalshing fight... I don't even rememeber much. I was used-and-abused as a towel.. And uhh... Hmm. Got drunk. It was all-n-all a fun night. thassit. My head hurts now.

:: Listening to: Inner Light - Phantasia ::

 Holiday special!    2002-09-06 06:11:57 ET
Tonight! One night only! Rosh Ha`shana evening special! Featuring:

* Shitty kibbutz dinner!

* Depressed old people who know me since I was born!

* Depressed grandmother who's having her first Rosh Ha`Shana without Grandfather!

* Tense, annoyed, family members!

* Shitty kibbutz dinner!

* And especially for me: Allergies induced by kibbutz plantlife! Yay!


:: Listening to: Infected Mushroom & Barry Sacharof - Birthday ::


 Vultures Splendor    2002-09-05 15:23:28 ET
Just came back from The Vultures concert.

Eh. What can I say?
Did I enjoy myself? - mediocre.
Was the music any good? - It started out with a few good riffs on a few songs (very Ministry-like), but then went on to make industrial-garbage-noize (but in a bad way). Blah.
The people? - Metal crowd. Not too many familiar faces, but enough to feel comfortable. No moshers. How odd.
The show? - The place really reeked. Too small to accomodate the amount of people that came (not too many, mind you), the bar was practically unreachable, and the sound was really crumby. On the other hand, The Vultures themselves came up all dressed for success. They got a good look, (I esp. liked the nails-on-face thing going on with the guitarist), and they did a lot of jumping around, which is good. Definatly good energies from the vocalist. By the end of the show though, they gave a peculiar banging-metal-thingies-on-other-metal-thingies act... I'm not quite sure where they were going with that... Was it Throbbing Gristle for the meek, or was it simply random acts of senseless violence..? At any rate, they did their best to fill their self-proclaimed description "A misanthropic delusion of filth and fury". *g*
So..? - They have definite potential, but this evening was just plain blaaah. Hope they'll be better next time round.

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 estas mas funky para me    2002-09-04 13:25:15 ET
What a day. I can feel the pressure in the office. They know I'm not gonna give em' much more time. I've been thinking about what I should do as a release party. . We always have super-exagerated-extravagant release parties in my unit. It's a "thing" we got. Like, this week, two of my subordinates had a beack-release party, oriental style, with like a big shade, blankets, humus and pitas.. black coffee, and such. It was brilliant. A month ago a guy did a "chocolate-themed" release party. A few months before some people did a continental style, with like flags of each country, and some food from each locale.. Anyways, I was thinking of maybe renting a movie theatre. I'm discharging along with some other people, so we could do it together. I have no idea how much a thing like that could cost, but if we split it 3-4 ways, it might be doable... That would be ultraliciously cool. If that doesn't work out, I'm outta ideas. :/
Hmm... Tomorrow I go book my tickets. I didn't do it today coz the bitches at the travel agency took 5 hours to get back to me, and I had to nag em' a lot to get the price I wanted (we moved from 300 dollars for a flight from Amsterdam to Milan, to 150 dollars, to Amsterdam-Telaviv with a drop over at Milan for a few days which costs me nothing). Heh. Anyways, that's it. Ooo Lady Orion just called from the states. Yay! We miss herrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Uhm, that's all folks. Nothing to see here.

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