HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?    2006-06-24 13:52:18 ET

 pizza and kierkegaard    2006-06-18 15:45:43 ET
So, I just met up with Maya and her boi. They're visiting Israel so they brought me salt n' vinegar chips, and in exchange I had to entertain them with my amazing social skillz :D

We talked random stuff, and politics, and ate pizza. Then we watched Uncle Nagy's House (anyone know what's up with Meghan?) and House of Cosbys and Wonder Showzen and stuff. It was awesome.

Other than that, I should be asleep now, shite.

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 School's. Out. For. Summer!    2006-06-17 04:16:46 ET
Well, not quite yet, as I have plenty of finals and papers due and whatnot.. Actually, I'll only REALLY be done with everything around the beginning of September. But. Yeah, anyway, very exciting.
Two down, one to go and all that..

I'm pretty sure I want to be in NYC come mid-September, and I think I also have a ticket for Europe I can use till the end of the year, but I'll wait at least for the World Cup to be over before I use that.
Kinda lame, but I'm thinking of going back to Berlin again. I don't feel like I finished seeing everything I have to see there, and there's a constant flux of Tel-Aviv friends who move out there, so there's always people to see..

And anyway, Italy is too hot in the summer. I want to escape this Mediterranian weather, not go suffer where they don't even have proper airconditioning.
Also, I don't have enough artsy friends to go with.. I could go alone, I guess.. But. Meh.

Last night I went out to a really lame techno rave. I'm growing old, I think.

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 Ethereal    2006-06-11 13:15:06 ET
Well, it seems one of my favourite stalkees, brilliant writer and internet jesus Warren Ellis has joined SK. When he bothers posting, everybody go say hello to him here.
Chris would've LOVED this.

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 Injected with a Poison    2006-06-04 09:20:31 ET
On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do I not care for my upcoming exam period?

guess, please.


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