My site's up!    2002-08-17 22:25:28 ET

(Thanks Tal)

Went to the Observe & Control concert last night at the Heinekin Habima Club. The show started late, which was annoying, but gave us a chance to go eat (note to self: Last time I go out with a bunch of girls when I'm hungry. Sushi is not food.).. So by the time we got in, I was pretty anxious for the show to start.. but again we were forced to wait quite a while until the show started. Once it did though, it really rocked. I only know a few tracks, but almost everything I heard at the concert I liked. Performance-wise it was pretty sleak, only one or two fuck ups, and you could see the folks on stage were having fun. Strangely though, most people didn't seem to feel comfortable dancing, which was a shame, because people just stood there like trees.. Gave a kinda weird atmosphere to the whole event. Later on DJ Erez Ace went up and gave his usual great set. Unfortunately pretty soon I had to leave, since as I mentioned it was already quite late.
On other subjects, I was feeling kinda moody all night, for reasons I have no will to dispense here.. but.. It's funny how things that make you really pissed one day, the other day you're indifferent to them. Some stuff really annoyed me yesterday, but today I don't seem to mind... Gotta love mood swings. Cheers people.

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 Everybody runs.    2002-08-16 06:23:09 ET
Went to see Minority Reports at Dizingoff Square in Tel Aviv. Hmm. While waiting in line to pick up our free tickets, I saw an old bag lady across the street fall on the floor. She started crying. It was so sad. Two people came to help her - an old Russian immigrant and a young Ethiopian immigrant security-guard-girl-person. I don't even know why I'm telling you this, ... But something in the sight of an old long-haired lady wearing rags crying on the floor, and these two strangers helping her up, getting her water, a chair, treating her knee... Something moved me. Maybe this place is worth fighting for. I dunno. This country is so saturated with pain, arrogance, ignorance, brutality and just plain obnoxiousness, you sometimes forget that at the end of the day, we all just wanna get along. It sure didn't seem so last night when some asshole crossed over from the opposite lane in traffic and almost got me killed in a frontal collision, and then when I gave him the eye, he just gave me the finger. But still...maybe... Anyway, enough with that rant.
So the movie's okay. The story has a few holes (not a swisscheese like some other Spielbergian work... but you definately don't need to be a nitpicker to see that some stuff doesn't really fit).. But there are a few nice ideas, and graphically it's quite amazing. So I say, go watch, but don't expect anything brilliant, and have a good time.
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 Damnit my site's still down.    2002-08-15 15:12:17 ET
Burn Arutzey Zahav. Burn. *%&*^ providers.

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 Weekend is here!    2002-08-15 15:09:23 ET

I woke up late for work today (after coming home 3:30 from the Fetish last night with /mavetgoth and /ladyorion and some friends), I ddrove like a madman, almost fell asleep during an important meeting. After the meeting I went to a room somewhere where noone could find me and fell asleep. I slept till noon, woke up, figured that my whole unit is going on shooting practice... And since I'm discharging in a month and a bit, I simply decided I'm not going. Some ppl tried to convinced me and went like "Come, on, it'll be your last rounds on an M-16..", but I was like "I already fired my last rounds." Anyway, so I split home like 14:30. I figure, screw em'. I slept during the afternoon for a couple of hours, then I met up with a friend and we went to the beer festival in Tel-Aviv... Beer. Mmmm. I love Desperado (Tequila flavoured beer! What a concept!). After that I went to Anat's place and met up with /ladyorion and some other of there friends...

What else... Hmm. A friend of mine from my unit invited me to go see Minority Report noon with him. He got free tickets off the radio. He always gets free tickets, by faxing them junk. I never win anything. Anyway, gotta sleep now. Sleep is good.

Hmm.. I just realized that I drank yesterday (at the fetish), drank today (beer festival), will drink tomorrow (The Mossad openning party), and the day after, too (Observe and Control concert)... Thank god there's Sunday, coz Monday is Balcony night again. :)

 I don't remember...    2002-08-14 05:07:35 ET
What happened. I just realized that hey, it's Wednesday, /mavetgoth is talking to me about going to the Fetish, so it must be wednesday. But... But yesterday was Monday, and Moshe my friend was here... Wasn't it?

Either too much alcohol, or I was abducted by aliens.


Those are the only options.


I shut up now.

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