Go here.    2002-08-02 04:04:04 ET
I just signed Israeli EBM band Observe and Control's Guestbook, and I saw a link to this other Israeli industrial band The Vultures. Both bands have good beats and good riffs.

 Thank you oh parential figures!    2002-08-02 03:34:47 ET
Yup! Me parents came back from Scottland, and brought lottsa stuff! Jeans, shirts, whiskey, but most importantly: SALT N VINEGAR CHIPS!! You can't get those around ere. People in Israel are disgusted by the concept. Only a select few (me!) have a taste for it. Possibly has to do with my Australian upbringing. Hmm. I don't like Vegamite anymore though.

(*) Munching a packet of chips in front of the box (*)

 And to think it was only Tuesday yesterday...    2002-07-31 12:47:17 ET
Well, huh! It's almost Thursday now!!

"Ack! A horde of stampeding wildebeasts are after me!" - Me, today.

 I get paid while doing this.    2002-07-30 10:06:29 ET

Self portrait? Not quite, but it might be a fantasy-version of some sort...

Gas Mask Exploding Posse. Inspired by NoaBlah's Gasmask-featured design idea for Electroculture's
      next, layout and my desktop wallpaper, again, same theme (thanks again Lady Orion!)


 Still too lazy to change the bio, but...    2002-07-29 09:43:25 ET
Today I (again) fell asleep a few hours before waking up. This insomnia thing is taking over. I guess I'm just stressed out a bit. Ho, well, hopefully I'll be drowning my sorrows in some blessed alcohol later these eve. It's electro night at the Balcony in Tel Aviv and I intend to forget my name. Tah tah...

Me friends/foes/just go there already: Lady Orion -=- Noa Blah -=- MyBrokenPromise -=- Sykospark -=- Fallen Angel

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