2003-08-28 09:39:48 ET

So West Palm Beach was quite unexciting, except for the fact that I went to this indie rock/britpop place and got lottsa cool free BRMC propaganda.
There wasn't even any dancing there, only people layin about..
Anyway, I got to Miami today, I'll be meeting up with some Israel folk tonight, and probably some DnB crew peopel later on this weekend.
I might be goin to the Tori Amos / Ben Folds concert on the 4th. Only thing is, it's sorta got me in a tight schedule, cuz I gotta reach NYC by the 7th-9th or so to meet my sister,and I wanna make it to Chicago by the 16th for the VNV Nation concert...
Anyway, we'll see how things go...

Finally, an Internet Cafe which let me dump my pix:

Savannah, GA

Me, playin with the timer on my digicam at some cheesy motel.

Epcot is like, big.

Must...Leave.. Internet... Find.. Place.. To Sleep...

2003-08-28 11:07:00 ET

I wouldn't bother changing stuff for tori amos.
but that's just me.

2003-08-28 14:37:22 ET

My computer is running mega slow, so I will enjoy your pictures later. Glad to hear all is well and still adventerous. That's too bad that West Palm beach is lame; oh well. Chi town will rock your ASS; I wish I was there to show you around. Maybe I will be....but I don't know how I'm going to be feeling about traveling anywhere so soon after leaving Belgrade....yea, I'm a punk, to be sure.
OH WAIT; the pictures just loaded. AW! You look cute in that middle picture! :D

2003-08-28 17:25:12 ET

Noa - But it's Tori Amos AND Ben Folds !
Lila - Ooo , thanks. I'm still havin' fun n such. Miami is pretty cool, but highy expensive, thus, I don't think I'll last here long. I'm wasting more money daily than originally planned ^_^
Ooo, and fanks, my hair is all punky and such. Yay!
When will you be back in Chi-Town? It'd be awesome if we could meet!
Seems I won't be going to VNV Nation in Chicago, as I just checked the website, and there have been a few schedule-changes ..
Hmph. Maybe 20th Sep in Toronto, or one of the later shows like 14th Oct in Seattle... We'll just have to see.

2003-08-28 22:09:00 ET

It's like, hey, you can get rabies AND sars!

2003-08-29 02:32:31 ET

I definetly will be in chicago to move my boyfriend's little brother into his dorm for college. I believe it's the second to last weekend in September, HOWEVER, as Ohio is a mere 6 hours drive from chicago, sometimes more like 5 hour drive.....well, you get my drizzift. :D

2003-08-29 06:42:06 ET

Noa - u like Nu Metal. :p

Lila - welp, be in touch, we'll see what we can do :)

2003-08-29 17:08:20 ET

dude, you look molested :))))
and dont listen to that evil noa, tori amos concerts worth it!!!
i know the one i've been to was awsome.
have fun man!!!

2003-08-30 02:25:45 ET


2003-08-30 13:21:34 ET

Evil Noa. Heh.

Reminds me of the Ren & Stimpy chapter, where Ren was split to his Evil side and his Indifferent side. ^_^

2003-08-30 16:28:32 ET

Hahahaa; I'm glad you mentioned Ren and Stimpy :D

2003-08-31 09:10:26 ET

Yes, so am I. :]

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