DNB Army
2003-08-30 14:09:15 ET


Last night I partied at Club I/O @ Miami, with the most wicked DNB party I've ever been too!

Only thing that was missin was my friends..

Total Science openned up with a wicked set, pretty upbeat, he was rockin' Champion Sound like it was new :)
Then Goldie went up and it was just insane!
It was like a rock concert, the energies, and people jumpin up and down in front of the stage...! Ahh!
Then DJ CRAZE went up and simply blew me away. The guy can spin, like a mudafucka.

Anyway, pretty wicked night. It was worth comin' to Miami to see Goldie :]

I'm thinking to change pace and maybe go to the openning of this Industrial club tonight.. The Kitchen Club. Or something.
Whatever, they have an indie/brit room too which is always good.

Me & Rachel


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2003-08-30 14:49:51 ET

do some nature stuff you spoiled city boi!!!! :)

2003-08-30 15:01:51 ET

all in due time. I have a month and a half of Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Candian Rockies, Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce, etc.

2003-08-30 15:03:57 ET

Yellowstone may be smokey/closed due to forest fires in that area. :(

you might want to call ahead and double check.

2003-08-30 15:04:30 ET

now thats better...
next post i wanna hear some bear-wrestling stories, you hear me?!?! :)

2003-08-30 15:06:03 ET

hehe, it'll still take a while Itay.

Tina - Really? :/ dat sucks. Well, it'll still take a while before I get there, but yeah, I'll give em' a call, thanks for the info.

2003-08-30 15:08:43 ET

yeah. just warning ya so you dont get there and arent allowed to explore Yellowstone. It's a fun place. :)
hopefully it is still touched by all the fires upthere.

*sits back and waits for you to make your way to Cali*

2003-08-30 15:27:37 ET

awww... hehe :)

2003-08-30 15:30:38 ET

arg... i found a horrible typo in what i just put...
"Hopefully it is still UNtouched by all the fires up there."
hah. there we go. :P

2003-08-30 15:32:10 ET

Yeah, I figured as much, think nothing of it ^_^

2003-08-31 08:47:24 ET

Always happy to hear about you having more fun than myself. ;);)

2003-08-31 09:15:06 ET

aww, shuddup, you kid are livin' the life. What would I do to be 15 again...

2003-08-31 09:19:22 ET

Yeah, I've been sitting here for the last couple days sick as hell. FUN.

2003-08-31 09:21:35 ET

aww... Well, you'll get better!!!
nd when you do, you'll still be 15, not 40 like me.

2003-08-31 09:22:16 ET


2003-08-31 09:24:45 ET

yes, but I will be, soon!

2003-08-31 10:22:05 ET

In like 17 years, yes

2003-08-31 10:27:40 ET

6384 and half days, actually.

But who's counting.

2003-08-31 10:40:27 ET

you, obviously.

2003-08-31 10:42:34 ET

naw, that was just off the top of my head. I was exactly 22.5 4 days ago.

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