2003-08-31 10:03:54 ET

Yesterday I met up wid some Israeli kru who're mates with an old army bud of mine.
We walked around Miami Beach and casued general mayhem.

An authentic drunk-on-the-street (AS SEEN ON TV!)

Me @ th beach, rockin' my Hawaii shirt. Pic taken by Roey.

Later that night I went out to the openin of The Kitchen Club @ Soho Lounge downtown Miami.

It was awright, nufin' to write home about. The place is HUGE and pretty cool, but the music was last years setlist, and worse (hooray for Seelenschmerz TWICE), the britpop room turned out to be 80's clash room, and the goff room was pretty okay, but I can't listen to that all night long (though there was a good run of Cold (mig-29 mix) and Love Breeds Suicide which pretty rocked)
oh, and there were like a shmillion MEGA-GAWF poseurs/vampires/sickos.

Thassit for me from Miami, I think I'll be headin' outta town tomorrow.

:: Listening to: Kingmaker - 10 Years Asleep ::

2003-08-31 12:17:03 ET

it reminds me of fear and loathing.
I am sitting here with a fat customer, I dunno if she's really fat, she just sounds REALLY FAT

2003-08-31 14:35:39 ET

Oh, I know the type.
I had virtual-fat-customers all the time at the army.

2003-08-31 22:08:01 ET

*referring to the first picture* I don't remember going to Miami...

2003-09-01 03:23:38 ET

So... next is... California? ;-)
We've got booze, beaches, and goth-loser kids, too!

2003-09-05 11:10:24 ET

Silent - That's okay, drunk people can't help that. A chemical reaction in your brain makes you forget ^_^
Rickiii - Aww yeah. :] I'll be there in a month or so. Watch this space.

2003-09-05 11:17:17 ET

Stop by Philly on the way up North y0!!

2003-09-05 11:19:12 ET

I'm stoppin by Philly TONIGHT
(if only Becky would answer her phone)

2003-09-05 11:33:54 ET

tonight eh?
call my work, i'll PM you with my work number, maybe we can meet up
maybe we can go to Shock Therapy together, i WARN YOU, it SUCKS...But i always make things fun >:D

2003-09-05 11:34:56 ET

kewl. I'll probably be around tomorrow too. :)

2003-09-05 11:35:40 ET

YEAAAA! it'll kick ass!

2003-09-05 11:38:23 ET


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