2003-09-05 22:15:29 ET

Flashforward a few - - -

I've left Miami, driven up the I-95 a whole lot, and now I'm sneaking in with Becky at her dorm in Phily.
Kickass, I say.
I'll probably be hangin' round Phily a bit tomorrow, then, off to NY/NJ!
My sister is in NJ right now at her friends place, and I'll be meeting up with her and in a few days we'll be off to Boston, and the rest of this fine continent of yours.

I got some pix, but I'm too drunk and lazy to get them out now (yes I bought alcohol and snuck it in. I'm in on the whole college frat party scene, YEAH BABY)




Me n' sexy Becky

2003-09-06 13:38:38 ET

if you were here right now you'd be going to downtime tonight, i bet :-P

2003-09-07 08:37:08 ET

Indeed I did ^_^
and whoever didn't come is a poo-poohead.

2003-09-08 15:55:18 ET

heh, it was funny that you just happened to be there! ...though i think i lost track of you right after that... *poof!* you were gone :-o

2003-09-08 18:18:41 ET

Magick. ^_^

Me n' Dina went out for fooooood.

2003-09-10 19:04:24 ET

eeeeeee! it's us :D

2003-09-10 19:24:08 ET

orange pixi! hehe ;-D

2003-09-10 19:29:45 ET

Yes! It is!

2003-09-11 02:14:03 ET

haha. i look fucking cracked out as hell!!! i definately like the one of us sitting on the bed better.

2003-09-11 02:33:43 ET

much better. :D

2003-09-11 18:09:14 ET

ello ! :)

2003-09-12 05:31:20 ET

:D :D

2003-09-12 12:55:03 ET

well, hello there ;-D

2003-09-12 13:10:58 ET

yeee!!! furax will come meet me and fuchsia in philly on october 11th!!!! i am so excited :D :D :D :D :D :D *cannot contain excitement*

2003-09-12 15:05:50 ET

You're gonna EXPLODE of excitment when you see him ! ^_^

2003-09-12 15:37:36 ET

i will. i will die.

2003-09-12 22:13:04 ET

hah! it's really not that exciting... is it? (o_O)

2003-09-13 05:01:46 ET


2003-09-13 12:33:42 ET

you are not an "it" you are exciting DEAL WITH IT

2003-09-13 14:41:35 ET



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