Red Balloons
2003-09-10 20:10:54 ET

Aight, so I'm in Cambridge, near Boston now.
S'all good.

Boston is really really cool. Not at all like Manhattan, much more laid back, and very very.. hmm.. 'sweet', I suppose. :)

Me 'n me sis walked all around downtown and the freedom trail, it was really great, and the weather was nice too.

We took a boat-shuttle thingie to Charlston, just to see the harbor and stuff.

We also saw the Holocaust memorial, which has got ot be the most beautiful and to-the-point Holocaust memorial I have ever seen.
It's in a park in the street, people just go around it, it's not like 'a place where the jews go to mourn', it's right in the middle of the street, downtown. A series of tall clear glass walls, for each death camp, and numbers... Millions of numbers engraveed in the glass. A second glass inside each wall had personal accounts, quotes, giving a personal POV. Through the floating floor you could see a million blinking lights, and on marble pieces between the glasses there was informative text about the war and figures, and ending with the famous quote by Pastor Martin Niemöller.
A truly touching monument to the sanctity of human rights.

Then I went to eat some Boston Clam Chowder. Yum.

Me on da boat ride :

Theodor Herzel Posse

Humping the Boston FAO Schartz Teddybear's leg.

Hmph. It's Sep. 11th already. . ..

This song has been in my head all day:
:: Listening to Nena - 99 Luftballons ::

2003-09-10 20:43:17 ET

i was *just* playing that song... weeeiiirrrddd. :P

2003-09-10 20:45:23 ET

Whoa... THAT is weird. I never play this song..

2003-09-10 20:46:30 ET

i <3 that song. :D

2003-09-10 20:48:47 ET

*sings* la la la :)

2003-09-10 20:49:59 ET

I need to download that song

2003-09-10 20:50:05 ET

ps - ive always wanted to go to that Holocaust Memorial. i hate you for going to it before me. :P

2003-09-10 20:53:27 ET

Kandess - Welcome to my humble journal! Please come again.
Before downloading the song, think of the money you're stealing from poor, hungry, record industry execs. *insidious laughter*

Tina - You know you love me. 'sides, you're all the way out there in Cali, so it's okay you dinnae see it. ;)

2003-09-10 20:54:31 ET

oh the evil that lies inside you....*steals money from poor hungry record industry execs*

2003-09-10 20:56:37 ET


2003-09-10 20:56:47 ET

lol. soooo?

*luvs up on mr shay*

2003-09-10 20:57:39 ET

*feelin' tha love*

Okay, time to sleep. :)

..and where's Lars?

2003-09-10 20:59:01 ET

in LA with mr gage the last time i heard. but i know hes still in LA.

2003-09-10 20:59:43 ET

I was referrin' to his lacking on-line presence. LA HAS INTERNET CAFE'S TOO!

2003-09-10 20:59:43 ET

YOU....*feels like the 12 year old*

2003-09-10 21:01:13 ET

i dunno!!

he's just been... avoiding the 'net, i guess!!

2003-09-11 01:25:15 ET

man, you missed my best holocaust day ever yesterday...
just one of those days I should've filmed and send it over

2003-09-11 11:57:43 ET

yay boston! :D

2003-09-11 12:00:47 ET

My buddy Sarah died in WTC... :/

Last year this chick with cancer, Danessa, was telling some of her friends when her birthday is, which happens to be 9/11. They started dancing around her and chanting "god hates you"... it makes me giggle, but it's kinda sad at the same time

2003-09-11 18:14:59 ET

Kandess - cough up the dough.
Someone will be accountable for this farce.
Becky - yayyayay!
I can't believe I missed Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age yesterday. I hope I'll catch them in Chicago.
Noa - Every day for you is a holocaust memorial day ;)
Angel - :/ kids are mean. I hate kids.

2003-09-11 18:17:35 ET

my favorite part of the holocaust. Maybe because it made me so mad...

*coughs up three fiddy*

2003-09-11 18:19:14 ET

Neat trick! do it again!

Mmm. I liked the middle ages. That was cool. Helenism was pretty kickass too.

2003-09-11 18:31:06 ET

i also liked anything to do with pirates or Those damned long sleeved velvet dresses those women wore

2003-09-11 18:37:35 ET


[My (possible) ancestors]

2003-09-11 18:40:36 ET

mine were...Royalty, in france...other than that...indians and my last night is ...germanish

2003-09-11 18:45:41 ET

Well, actually there is no proof of that claim, it's something I like to fantasize about. As far as we have records, we're just your regular ol' eastern European Jews.

2003-09-11 18:47:07 ET

I think i remember somewhere along the ancestors were gay and imbred, but ya know...back then...all royals were imbred so...that only leaves the gay thing

2003-09-11 18:48:24 ET


I'm thinking a Viking ancestry would explain the dreams of pillage and rape. ^_^

2003-09-11 18:49:24 ET

Viking Kittens

2003-09-11 19:18:15 ET

*I* wont be held accountable.. im not his mummy. :P

2003-09-11 20:01:41 ET

Don't have speakers here, but luckily I know the song :)


2003-09-12 11:39:09 ET

I'm half Mexican, fuckers.

2003-09-12 15:06:58 ET

I'm Polish/Lithuanian/Eukranian Jew.

2003-09-13 19:15:19 ET

I'm way to lazy to read all of these responses, buuuut, HELL YES my part Ukranian brotha; that's where we get the mad love from.
So, anyways, you like Bean town, huh? I went to high school in that area. Yup; grew up in California, hike skool in Boston, college in Chicago...I've seen it all.
So yea, weren't you going to be in Chicago sometime really soon? Or did it happen? Or was it never mentioned?
Where am I?

2003-09-15 11:54:40 ET

I'll be there mm... maybe.. 18th? 19th? 20th?
I'm in Toronto now. *way close*

There's a Red Hot Chili Peppers/Queens of the Stone Age concert in a few days, I may go.
..And where are you, really?

2003-09-15 13:24:53 ET

bitch i aint yo baby's daddy!

2003-09-15 14:11:03 ET

I am in Bay Village, Ohio, which is right outside of Cleveland. If you wanted to see Cleveland, you would be more than welcome to stay here for a stint. There is not a whole hell of a lot to see here, so I imagine you'd only want to come for a couple days tops. Chicago is the shizz though and I wish I still lived there so I could show you around; it totally figures.

2003-09-15 17:49:28 ET

Lars - *slap*
Lila - I don't think we'll be spinning over through Lake Erie.. From Toronto we'll be heading via Detroit to Chicago me thinks.
I'll talk to my sista about it, but it's basically headin back east, when really, we're going west. :/
Maybe you could take a daytrip to Chicago? *puppy dog eyes* ?

2003-09-16 07:49:51 ET

Awww, I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes.
Do you know exactly what day(s) you will be there?
I might be able to. I also have a job interview tomorrow, and if I get a job, then it continues to be reamined to be seen...

2003-09-16 13:07:50 ET

OOoo. I'll probably arrive on the 19th, but just to be on the safe side, I'll pretty definately be in Chicago on the 20th. :-)

2003-09-16 20:47:17 ET

added some pix.

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