Aight, quick update
2003-09-15 12:24:00 ET

so I've left the Boston area.
I went out to Man Ray on my last night there. No sp0rks were seen. They didn't want to let me in cuz I wasn't dressed in fetish. So I had to go back to the house (which luckily was a 2 minute walk from the club) and loan my sister's black pants. Just plain black was okay by them. Fine.
How lame.
Anyway, so the place is huge, and lottsa potential, but christ, that was the lamest setlist I've heard since getting to the states.
It started out with mainstream industrial-rock, the usual Rob Zombie / Rammstein stuff, which is okay by me. But then, it suddenly became a weird mixture of retro-techno, new york house, apollo 440 and apoptygma berzerk. Totally fucked up.
The other floor was no better. Hooray for Fictional. Other than that is was all uber-gawth stuff that isn't even really dancable at all.
Ho hum, quite disappointing.

We then visited Salem, MA. In case you don't know, it's where the Puritans had witchhunt trials, and in a period of 13 months accused 150 and hung 19 people for being witches.
Now, I don't know if there were witches there in those days. That I don't know.
However, nowadays, the place is FULL of them. Witchcraft, wikka, pagan, tarot, palm-reading, fairies, goblins and garden gnomes, all commercialized for your touristic pleasure. That I know.
It was a pretty sweet town though :)
Last night we spent in Buffalo, NY. We ate Buffalo Wings and drank 'pop'.
How cool is that? ;)
Today we crossed over Niagara. Damn, the Canadian side is soooooo much better than the American side.
I'm still not sure I believe in this whole 'Canada' thing, but whatever.
So we hung around Niagara Falls city for a while, then drove off to Toronto, stopping at some Winery's on the way.
Pretty kickass day.
So, I'll be out and about Toronto for a few days, and then on the 18th I'll be heading towards Chi-Town.
Hopefully, catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers / Queens of the Stone Age concert.

Niagara Falls

CN Tower

My silhouette, atop the CN Tower.

2003-09-15 14:01:08 ET

queens of the stone ageeeeee weeeeee

2003-09-15 14:19:33 ET

CHI-TOWN! :D Isn't it funny that I used to talk a shit load of smack abotu it and now I'm all rah-rah? I guess that's what perspective does...
And I know that many timeless mysteries of the paranormal have been proved to be false: the Sasquatch video, the Chupacabras, the Loch Ness Monster....but contrary to what nay sayers say, Canada is a real place! It is, and I'll prove it! I'll show all of you!

2003-09-15 16:30:37 ET


2003-09-15 17:58:54 ET

Becky - Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Lila - Lies & Propaganda. How do you know it exists? Cuz you saw a map? And who exactly gives out these maps of Canada?? The Canadian embassy! And they're not exactly, how shall we say, "objective". Pfft.

Liron - Yeah, uhm, I'm not so sure it actually exists, that's all.

2003-09-15 18:33:30 ET

As steveo said in SLC punk; "England is A big American State, like Canada, or North Dakota".


2003-09-16 00:45:12 ET

UGH!!! New york house and apb.
sounds like their gig in the Oman all of a sudden 0_o

2003-09-16 07:54:42 ET

The Great White Lie: an in-depth debunking of this centuries biggest falsity known as Canada by Master Shay McFunkmeisterTotalEclipse the 5th and 3/4

2003-09-16 13:08:32 ET


2003-09-16 21:00:04 ET

added some pics..

2003-09-18 13:17:35 ET

this is your most-industrial picture i've ever seen and by far my favorite
this should be on the cover of your music album or something

2003-09-19 21:25:51 ET

yeah I'm in badass-posse.

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