2003-09-16 21:23:41 ET

I heard people saying 'aboot'.

I'm still not sure I accept this whole 'Canada' theory to be true.

I'm the king of the world wooohoooo!!!11

2003-09-16 22:46:14 ET

nice picture..... !

2003-09-17 05:09:28 ET

shay!!! you might get hurt! come down from there!!!

justtt kidding!


you are adorable. i love that pic.

2003-09-17 05:30:46 ET

It looks like you've been impaled 'naughtily' on that silver pole in the backround. King of the World INDEED ;)

2003-09-17 07:18:29 ET

i know. i thought the pole in the middle was a nice touch myself.

2003-09-17 09:19:35 ET

there's a thing coming from yer ass 0_o

2003-09-17 11:11:43 ET

Noa: the real question is, is it coming from, or was it going to?

2003-09-17 14:11:08 ET

You should have kicked some ass d00d.

2003-09-18 04:46:24 ET


I was just laughing at the amounts of Celine Dion they hear here.
Me n' the pole might be travelling around now together. We've become quite close. Maybe even (ghast!) marriage.

2003-09-18 16:01:56 ET


2003-09-19 21:21:18 ET

:") <- manga smiley.

2003-09-19 21:36:25 ET

*prepares to comment to the post, reads the other comments, shakes head, and scurries back to his journal where it's safe*

2003-09-19 21:46:46 ET

Silent - Don't be bashful!

2003-09-19 21:54:47 ET

Okay. Nice pole, baby, wanna "shaft"?


I got nothin'.

2003-09-19 22:03:07 ET

*blank stare*

It's okay... *pets head*

Anyway, I'm off for tonight..

2003-09-19 22:05:48 ET

Sleep well. By the way, that was a variation of an old pick up line I once used at a Denny's and I noticed a girl had dropped her spoon and I happened to be holding a fork.

"Nice spoon, baby, wanna 'fork'?"

2003-09-19 22:14:07 ET

hehehe, you actually said that?? cool ;)

2003-09-19 22:15:08 ET

*pokes your belly*

bahahahaha. 8]

2003-09-19 22:34:08 ET

And it was hee-larious. Anywho, we sat down and chatted for a few minutes. Cleared up the fact that she was out of my league. Had a cup of coffee and went on my merry little way.

2003-09-20 09:12:43 ET

Tina - *giggles* teehee :)
Silent - Hmph. ho hum, at least you got a good story to tell ;)

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