Where we're going we don't need.. Roads.
2003-09-19 22:11:00 ET

I just moved back in time an hour today, when crossing the border from Indiana to Illinois. Pretty kewl ;)

Just a quick update, as I'm dead tired (jetlag ;P)
We left Toronto yesterday, and headed off to The Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit, where we saw a Red Hot Chili Peppers + Queens of the Stone Age concert. It was rawkin'!
Sadly, we didn't get any good seats, and there weren't any GA tickets left. No matter, since, as Israelis, we simply snuck around and found ourselves in a much better spot. It didn't really matter that we weren't in the ga, cuz the crowd were a bunch of wusses who barely jumped anyway. Sad, really.
Oh, and people, do you ALL eat pizzas and burgers and shit while at a rock concert??? Am I the only one who finds that fuckin ridiculous??
Anyway, great performance by the band, it was just a great night out on the town.

I've been shopping like a maniac. Weeeeee.

So now I'm in Chicago at these cool relatives o mine, and tomorrow we'll start seein the sites n stuff.
I might go see The Raveonettes at the Metro if there are tickets left. :]

Hooray for rock concerts passive smoking! (it was like a bloody coffee shop in the palace 8))

g'night everybody around the worlddddd

2003-09-20 00:26:46 ET

chicago! chicago! just 10 hours train from Minneapolis!

2003-09-20 01:20:15 ET

Hmm, Well, coming to think about it, there are hot dogs stands near several clubs I know, so what's wrong with those at a concert?

2003-09-20 07:21:41 ET

Yay you're near me now. ;)

2003-09-20 07:34:05 ET

So what about being Israeli makes it easier to be in General Admission?
Oh, and it looks like me making to to Chicago on Monday will not work; I got a job(which is a good thing) however now my travel flexability is impeaded. So close, yet so far :( I'm sad.

2003-09-20 09:16:11 ET

Liron - err. Yeah. O_o
Noa - club =/ concert, and I'm not talking hotdogs. PIZZAS. BIG PIZZAS. I dunno. They eat like pigs here.
Lila - *cries* jobs are good though :/ .. Ho hum hmph.
And, well, I think Israeli crowd is more.. Enthusiastic. At least from my experience. People were really casual and nonchelant about it, and you gotta know in Israel the crowd at a RHCP concert would be goin wild.

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