Ghost Rider on the Attack
2003-09-21 06:34:50 ET

Chi-Town kicks ass.
It's a variant on Manhattan, with much better architecture.
Only 2 downsides
A) People drive like maniacs (reminds me of back home).
B) All the homeless and beggars that were swept off Manhattan seemed to have found themselves in Chicago.
I mean, even if I had change, and were inclined to give it to you, sir, you're the 14th person who's asked me for it on Michigan Avenue alone..!
Also there's probably less than half the police pressence of the streets than in Manhattan.

Chicago has this neat classy vibe to it. It almost makes me want to buy a suit with a hat and a tommygun. It's in the air, I tell ya :)

So last night we strolled all over downtown, and in the eveniing went out to The Metro club to see The Raveonettes.
They were warmed up by Kittens for Christians (who were okay, too) and Stellastar*, which were TERRIFIC. They've got a debut album coming out tuesday, and I already bought it. Nothing too innovative, but they're pretty damn good.
Then The Raveonnettes came up and gave a smashing performance. Really kicked ass. Their guitarist dude was so wild. I figured he was possibly possessed by the soul of Jimi Hendrix. ;P
I went to the aftershow and talked with them for a bit. They were surprised anyone from Israel had heard of them.
Hehe, we don't ride camels here y'all. Cute lil' Danish lass.
So today we might do a boat ride. Weeeeee!

lalala. Gotta go.

ADDENDUM: Some Chi-Town pix:

Pretty buildingssss


An authentic Chicago night time experience.

Nice view..

Love and Marriage...


2003-09-21 08:05:52 ET

hehe.. The Metro is where VNV is gonna be playing in October :x

2003-09-21 08:22:47 ET

Chicago is a cool place, one pf the few places other than NYC that I like.

2003-09-21 09:26:35 ET

and it's only 10 HOURS train ride from Minneapolis!
Okay, I'll stop that -_0

2003-09-21 10:22:59 ET

Hmm,I actually like Ravonettes.
But I hate the "The".
Death to THE bands!

2003-09-21 14:05:51 ET

Angel - f00! I won't be there :/
Dok - Totally, I can understand. I wonder how the winter's like here.. o_O
Liron - *blank stare*
Noa - It's The Raveonettes. The 'the' is part of their name. .

2003-09-21 14:32:37 ET


2003-09-21 14:43:12 ET

Maybe I'll start calling you "The Noa".

2003-09-21 14:49:03 ET

you shall die painfully.

2003-09-21 14:59:15 ET


Come on, it's like De Haag in the Netherlands.

2003-09-21 15:00:12 ET

Da Kranksta.


I need a city of my own.

2003-09-21 15:18:35 ET

*gives you the key to the city of Strongbadia*

2003-09-21 15:22:14 ET

God that sucks. I was really looking forward to seeing you there too. You still coming by here? I'm bound and determined to meet as many SK peepz as possible.

2003-09-21 15:23:22 ET


2003-09-21 15:28:00 ET

Angel - Since there ain't much to do there, I dunno if I'll be stayin' there, but it does seem to be on the way, so I'll try n' stop by n say ello :]

2003-09-21 15:28:42 ET

That's better than nothing. ;)

2003-09-21 15:32:31 ET

note: He really says "ello".

2003-09-21 15:33:57 ET

Is it the true Australian in him shining through?

2003-09-21 15:38:52 ET


he is a koala bear, you know. the first koala bear to have an page.

2003-09-21 16:00:47 ET

that explains alot.

2003-09-21 16:04:50 ET

OMG he's such a cam whore:

2003-09-22 13:37:13 ET

heh, that does look sorta like me.
I think I score higher on the cuddly factor though O_o

2003-09-22 14:57:26 ET

Man, just draw him sideburns and it's YOU

2003-09-26 12:33:51 ET

If only my computer access time weren't so limited, he'd be wearing my Atari shirt and have an industrial piercing by now, thanks to photoshop magik.

2003-09-29 07:59:44 ET

new piccies.

2003-09-29 08:18:01 ET

OH MAN, the observations you made about Chicago are so amazingly right on the moolah I can't even believe it.
You are quite astute.
And whatsmore....I now know I was never exaggerating.

2003-09-29 08:20:44 ET

:] Right on Chi girl :)))

2003-10-02 02:36:19 ET

Winters in Chicago (Chicagoland)=horrible. It's the only downside to living here, besides a shitty industrial scene. I am dreading winter coming this year because now instead of living in a house with a driveway I have an apartment parking lot. FUN! I am really glad you liked Chicago. I love it! I hope to live in the city some day but its damned expensive.

2003-10-06 16:36:39 ET

Yeah, I stayed with some relaties, they got lucky and got a place straight in the middle of town, it was awesome.

Oh, and welcome to my journal! Please come again. ;)

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