2003-09-29 08:09:15 ET

So, it's been a while since I was in civilization.
I've left Chicago westbound, passing through vast cornfields they call 'states' here.
Vast Plains of Nothingness:

If you build it, they will come.

Also saw soem stupid Bridges in Madison county. I have pictures, but I don't want to waste anybody's bandwidth on crap.

I stopped by Frank Lloyd Wright's ol' neighbourhood, as well as one of the 19 'complete' houses he did. 'Complete' meaning he chose the furniture, the decorations, everything. He was quite a megalomaniac. Ho hum, geniuses occasionally are.
I also stopped by Des Moines to say 'ello' to an ol' pal :)

So now I'm in Colorado. I was in Denver, and now I've headed off to the Rockies.
This place is so beautiful. How can I describe it?
Massive mountains, painted green with pine trees, and the occasional brilliant yellow aspens make for a beautiful contrast. the skies are baby blue, the weather fine, and rivers n' lakes decorate the mountainsides, which are otherwise painted brown-red.

But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words..:

Amazing, isn't it?

So... We've been to Vail, been to Aspen, and I suppose we're headin' up to SLC now :]

Hopefully, I won't turn into a Mormon :O

Miss you guys!

2003-09-29 08:20:44 ET


And have fun :)

2003-09-29 08:21:30 ET

*tries desperately not to be a mormon*

Don't worry, I'm havin' a blast :]

2003-09-29 09:09:26 ET

god - that is some beautiful part of the country... *in awe - breathtaking*

<3 <3 i am glad that u are having a blast.


2003-09-29 13:04:38 ET

the last one is prettyful!

2003-09-29 15:46:55 ET

Thanks for coming by and seeing me. See, now I have to deal with stuff in the top picture.. it totally BLOWS here, in comparison to when I lived in Colorado. See the difference?! Huh?! Well it was very nice meeting you!

2003-09-30 02:41:04 ET

did you get to visit the kissing camels?
I didn't knwo you were going to colorado, my uncle would have bunked you or something.

2003-09-30 08:16:39 ET

Becky - Oh, yah, it is definately breathtaking. Literally. No oxygen 10000 ft up high. Eep! <3

Noa, it's all prettyful :) (I love that non-word)

Angel - You're most welcome dear! You're the first person to greet me on sk (lookee)

Liron - aww, s'cool. This way, I get to watch HBO. ^_^

2003-09-30 11:24:16 ET

i can't not be believing of its prettyfulness

2003-09-30 15:01:07 ET

Did you get to the oxygen bar on pike's peak?

2003-09-30 16:54:06 ET

Kissing Camels rules.. heh.. I used to spend a lot of my time when I was kid up at Garden of the Gods.. and oddly enough, living at the base of Pikes Peak I only went up there once.. lol... YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE AND DONE ALL OF THOSE THINGS SHAY!

2003-09-30 17:59:40 ET

Uhm... Uhm... Uhm... :O

2003-10-01 03:26:08 ET

oooh, you were so close to where I live!
You could have visited.

2003-10-01 06:05:37 ET


your pics are beauteous. I'm jealous - I've seen so little of the states.

2003-10-01 09:15:06 ET

Colorado sure is beautiful. Wait to you get to California though....the Sequoia forrest is something you MUST see.

2003-10-01 15:45:31 ET

Ann - ack! sadly, I donno where all SKers live :/ sowwy. Guess you'll have to come visit moi :]

Storminator - SLC is so cool. I think I'm gonna move here.
And thanks darlin'. Sadly, my server seems to have died, so I cannae show you more until it's ressurection.
This is a beautiful landscape. Maybe it's time you up and took a trip yourself :o)
Afterall, this isn't my backyard, I'm not a citizen, I don't earn in US dollars.. So if I can do it, so can you :]

Lila - Aww yeah, don't worry, I'm not missing Yosemite. I've actually seen them before, and I remember how astonishing a sight they are.

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