2003-10-10 09:30:17 ET

Finally, I got the Teton/Yellowstone/Glacier/Banff pix off my camera.

Embrace the beauty:

Grand Teton Nat'l Park

Yes, I was actually there.


The fall.

Yellowstone is rich with thermoactive grounds..

Old Faithful (everybody whose been to Yellowstone has one of these)

The Banff

Candian Sky

There's so many more prettyful pics, but my server's probably gonna crash just from these :]

Anyway, I'm in Vancouver now, it's a beautiful city, definately being added to my top 5.

Gotta go y'all, laterzzz

2003-10-10 10:35:56 ET

WOW...just....beautiful. Man, now I know what time of year to go to Yosemite.


2003-10-10 10:43:27 ET

Aw. Banff is so much fun. I used to live in Edmonton, a few hours away.
Are you planning to go to Whistler or Vancouver Island? Vancouver is really nice at this time of year.

2003-10-10 15:42:23 ET


2003-10-10 19:51:13 ET


2003-10-11 16:02:57 ET

mismonster - I'll be visiting Yosemite in, oh, probably about a week or so :]

So awesome :)

ub3r - I'm in Salt Spring Island right now, I was in Vancouver yesterday, and I'll probably go to Vancouver island tomorrow.
It's hectic. I need a break ;)

Angel - Yep!

Liron - I've actually seen a couple of parks ACTUALLY CALLED 'jellystone'.

Art imitating life?
Life imitating art?
Who knows! It's still awefully silly.

2003-10-11 16:11:35 ET

Oh rock on!
Where on Van Island are you going to be? I live in Qualicum/Parksville.

2003-10-11 16:15:26 ET

*scratches head*

I have no idea. :O

Chemainus or somefin' like dat.

2003-10-11 16:15:57 ET

Chemainus is rockin'.
Have fun!

2003-10-11 16:17:25 ET

Will do ! (I can't believe I spelled that right)

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